Tucker Carlson Tonight Octobrer 25 2018 : Kennedy explains decision to refer Avenatti for FBI probe

Tucker Carlson Tonight Octobrer 25 2018

Ken. John Kennedy explains the decision to refer Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti and his client Julie Swetnick to the FBI for allegedly conspiring to mislead Congress during Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings.

It's easy to foresee what happens when the people in power claim moral authority they don't have in order to compel you to obey: Resentment builds, factions form and craziness starts to seem normal.

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Viewer reactions:

Desiree Noggle People need to wake up… The Democrat Party is not what it used to be… It is a terrorist party… endorsing violence against citizens, other politicians, and even their own who step out of line… Not really sure what the platform is other than to remove Trump… I'm thinking the platform is "rule or ruin"

Greg Dold The leftist Dems try to say they are more forgiving, more inclusive, more honest, more moral, and less racist than anyone else. That has all been proven wrong and reinforced by many recent actions we are all aware of. They have become the Party of angry hateful unhinged ANTIFA, celebrities, country hating flag burning extremist, and a biased MSM press that goes out of their way to protect their failures.

Vikki Carroll I don’t understand how anyone in that party can’t see what it has become. I did and walked away. I won’t be part of a party that bullies, badgers , lies and pays people to disrupt others life’s.

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