Tucker Carlson Tonight Fox News 10-22-18 – Tucker Carlson Tonight October 22, 2018

Tucker Carlson Tonight

President Trump is in Texas taking part in a massive rally with Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz's opponent, Democratic Congressman Beto O'Rourke, has spent upwards of $38M in one of the most-watched Senate races in the country.

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Viewer reactions:

Steven A Baldwin The American people needs to demand term Limits and a ten year gag order before returning to ANY political activity.

Vikki Carroll I don’t understand how anyone in that party can’t see what it has become. I did and walked away. I won’t be part of a party that bullies, badgers , lies and pays people to disrupt others life’s.

Randall Carpenter Wake up America, this bunch that call themselves democrats now are not democrats they are plain socialist and they want America to be that way too! So walk away from them and vote republican this election

Betty Davis Got my early votes out today!! RED ALL ACROSS THE BOARD!! They're having a record turn out!!! This shows me that people care and we're taking back our country, praise God!!!!
Blount County Administrator of Elections Susan Hughes said Tuesday “It’s unbelievable,” . “We have registrations coming in as if it was a presidential year.” (quoted by the Daily Times)

Greg Dold The leftist Dems try to say they are more forgiving, more inclusive, more honest, more moral, and less racist than anyone else. That has all been proven wrong and reinforced by many recent actions we are all aware of. They have become the Party of angry hateful unhinged ANTIFA, celebrities, country hating flag burning extremist, and a biased MSM press that goes out of their way to protect their failures.


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