Tucker Carlson Tonight – Breaking Fox News – October 11, 2018

Tucker Carlson Tonight October 11 2018

Why is the left trying to shut down Kanye West? Tucker takes on University of Maryland professor and former Kanye fan Jason Nichols.

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Viewer reactions:

I love Trump and Kanye! You don't have to like the message but you gotta respect and appreciate someone who says how they feel and doesn't apologize for it even when they are bullied. Forced apologies aren't sincere so it's refreshing to see brutal unapologetic honesty.

Like Malcom X said the left tries to associate minority’s with their party but in the past it was the Liberals who were the racist who fought to keep slavery legal. Under Trump things only get better for the African American so there is no reason that the left should be allowed to claim the title of the party for minority’s.

Kanye marrying a Kardashian is some 6D chest right there. He just had to bide his time and build up that wealth before dropping these red pills. Also the left has never hid it's racism. It HATES "uppity negros". Just look at what they did to Cosby.

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