Tucker Carlson Tonight October 10 2018 Nikki Haley’s possible replacement Dina Powell: Good for US?

Is Dina Powell the right person to replace Nikki Haley as UN ambassador? Tucker Carlson shares his analysis.

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Viewer reactions:

If Dina Powell walks and talks like a Democrat-rat… then she's not to be trusted to protect American interests.

Powell is an opportunist, an unrepentant political whore. A puppet for a tyrannical globalist agenda. I wouldn't trust her to water my lawn or walk the dog.

Her history should remove her from consideration.  She is what she is, and deep down will not change.  We need someone as dedicated and has the strength to committ to President Trump.  She is not the one.  We don't need a clinton or obama stooge.

Why does it have to be a woman? There are plenty of qualified men to fill the position. Irregardless of popular belief, men are better at strategy then women. We need someone that can think strategically rather then emotionally. Remember Nikki holding up pics from facebook saying Assad was gassing his own people? We dont need another emotional woman that is easily swayed by fake pics from facebook.

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