Tucker Carlson Tonight November 21, 2018 : Dem and GOP lawmakers call for dueling investigations

Are lawmakers distracting themselves from the real issues? Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright reacts on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

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Viewer reactions:

Heidi Erika Lucas This forum has no room for negativity at this point. Keep in mind lives have been lost. People’s life savings have gone up in flames. As with Florida and Hurricane Michael people are suffering from the West Coast to the East Coast. We really should focus on coming together as a nation. Politics have no room in these discussions. Please respect those affected by these natural disasters. Please!

Bill House Don’t care whether she gets over it or not. I am sure his first wife never got over him leaving her for Cindy.

Michael Chang Erik Hathaway What's wrong with your daughter on your lap? Gotta be pretty shallow to think of anything but fatherly love.

Lena Dale I remember when her husband was captured, where he was held as a prisoner and how the other prisoners came home skinny and sickly looking and her father came home looking like he hadn't lost an ounce

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