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Tucker Carl: Big tech has launched an attack on your rights

Social media censorship goes into overdrive; Facebook cracking down on 'controversial' people.

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It’s good that Trump started trade negotiations with China when he did because first, no other president would have the guts to do this, Second, Trump put a halt on American companies leaving going to China by giving them tax breaks and 3) our economy is an incentive, now, making China more willing to negotiate fair trade. All to our advantage. America has the “Trump card”

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Douglas Jones Thank you Tucker for your honest and forthcoming show. I agree with you as I think many do,I don't trust most politicians. They have too many special interest and we are not one of them.

Sharon Kendall Moyer Sounds about right, hillary is asking China to get Trumps taxes and give them to the democrats, hillary sold them everything that wasn't tied down…you know like when facebook, transunion, wells fargo, has a hacker…uh huh that's our info being sent to china in a deal she made, then Feinstein twenty year Chinese affair like he wasn't getting government info…so I'm thinking China is to be the big winner when globalization happens…first thought it was Iran but I'm thinking china, so makes perfect sense for Biden to say this….I'm sure Trump has really made it tough on these dems, by standing up to China.

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