Tucker Carlson Tonight May 16, 2019: Bill de Blasio is never going to be the president

"It doesn't take a perfect SAT score to guess who's going to lose under the system. It's who always loses: the middle class.

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 I am an immigrant who was born by an illiterate single mom in a poor country that was devastated by war and US embargo. When I was 4-8 years old, I and my mom had to live on streets in my neighborhood because my distant relatives robbed our house by forcing my illiterate mom to sign some papers she couldn’t understand. Because all adults in my family went to work during the day, I had to wander in my neighborhood after school and nobody took care of me. My county was the one with the second highest criminal rate in Saigon. I saw gang memes, drug dealers, addicted people,a] and robbers everyday. I was so malnourished that I just weighed 16 kg when I was 7 or 8 years old. An old man in my neighborhood told other kids to bully me because he hated my grandfather. My grandfather used to be the richest one in the county before 1975. 

I was dropped out of elementary school before I could finish 3rd grade because my mom moved to the suburb of Saigon. I had to repeat 3rd grade. Unfortunately, before I could have finished my 6th grade, I was dropped out of school permanently because my mom move again. 

During my adolescence, I had to stay home doing chores and babysitting my younger sisters (my mom remarried) instead of going to school like other kids. I felt really sad and pitiful because I lost most of my elementary school friends. In addition, my adult neighbors, whose children were in middle and high school and college, looked down upon me. They called me a loser and said said that I wouldn’t have a bright future as that of their children or grandchildren.

I felt really sad, but I didn’t give up. I read stories about scientists like Newton and especially Faraway who became one of the greatest scientists although he had little formal education (he couldn’t go to school after elementary school and had to work in a bookstore where he read many books). I believed that I could go to college without going to middle and high schools. Therefore, I went to my local bookstore to buy math, physics, chemistry, biology textbooks with my saving money. Afterward, I taught myself all of those subjects within several months.

A couple years later, my family migrated to the US. We first lived in Pennsylvania where we worked as janitors. I was not allowed to go to evening ESL classes to learn English. After one year, my family moved to San Antonio Texas, then I could go to ESL classes for adults to learn English. I wanted to go to college but I didn’t have high school diploma. I asked the staff in the Adult Learning Center to allow me to attend GED preparation classes but they denied due to my low English level. They thought I could not understand materials covered in the classes.

I felt really upset, but again I didn’t give up. Then I bought two GED books from Amazon and read them within three weeks. I just studied Science and Social Studies but I bravely took all five GED exams. Unbelievably, I could pass all but Reading section. After studying Reading section, I retook and passed the exam to get my GED that enabled me to enroll in San Antonio College where I could get 4.0 GPA before transferring to UT Austin as a physics major. Last year, I internally transferred to Chemical Engineering with > i3.9 internal GPA. I am now a Chemical Engineering and Physics double major. UT Chemical Engineering ranks #4 in the nation, and I got in under pure merit standards although I was disadvantaged than other students. 

I was in much worse and disadvantaged situation than kids in the US. Nobody gave me any free ride or “adversity score” but I could overcome obstacles and achieve my goals. Liberals are not much different from communists. They are lazy and do not want to work hard to change their lives. Instead, they blame others for their failures, then they force others to give them compensations.

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