Tucker Carlson Tonight March 8 2018

Tucker Carlson Tonight March 8 2018

J. Christian Adams is President and General Counsel of the Public Interest Legal Foundation. His organization has been trying to obtain voter roll information from two of Texas's largest counties in an effort to expose illegal registrations.

Moments ago, President Donald J. Trump tweeted about his plans to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and keeping sanctions in place for the time being.

Viewers reacted to Tucker Carlson Tonight March 8 2018

Susan Webster Yahoo! President Trump is the master of the game. Well done! Bring on the Nobel Peace Prize.

Stan Piznarski I am glad that we have a president in the White House who cares about this country.Since he was elected America became the center stage again,politically and economically.He is delivering everything that he promised to the voters.I am going to vote for him again

Suzanne Morrison See what happens when we put a grown-up in the WH? Or better yet, a President who truly loves America? I'm still not tired of winning!

Steve Klocke Finally, a President that has a strong foreign policy, a strong military, loves America and looks out for all Americans!! We were so weak the 8 years under Obama!!
#MAGA. God Bless America. and love 
Tucker Carlson Tonight March 8 2018

William Oaks So no American President ever has achieved talks with North Korea. What an achievement by this great President of ours. Even if it leads to nothing it is astonishing of what he has been able to get accomplished.

Jennifer Leveille-Rymer Guess Trump wins, again! Democrats are so blinded by their selfish agenda they are missing out on being part of something great on so many levels. Glad to see N. Korea making efforts!

Tim Leslie Hallman If this all comes to fruition, Trump better win the Nobel Peace Prize or the Prize is a joke. If Obama can win one for doing actually nothing toward peace .

Anthony John Sequeira President Trump doesn't draw lines in the sand, he knocks your sand castle down and gets things done


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