Tucker Carlson Tonight March 15 2018 Fox News Live

Tucker Carlson Tonight Match 15 2018 

Tucker Carlson Tonight Match 15 2018

Mark Steyn: if there's a dog stuffed in an overhead bin, you don't record it on your cellphone. You stand up like a free-born citizen and you LIBERATE that animal!

New video confirms deputy didn’t confront Parkland school gunman. Tucker: the authorities failed to protect us, they lied about it, and they blamed us.

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Brian Keith Herget Crazy how the no soul having Democrats and MSM turned this into the NRA and Conservatives. Using the kids…..Blows my mind how easy it is to manipulate adults…..FBI and Local Law Enforcement had this kid on a silver platter. And its the NRA fault? Liberalism is a scary thing. Can't believe I was one once…

Bill Graham Funny how before the shooting Hillary meets with this sheriff and they talk gun control awareness. Everyone knew this gunman would shoot up the school. Sheriff knew, did nothing. The shooting happens and they stand down. Now he and Hillary and the left have their anti gun/narrative. I think liberals were delighted with this shooting. Those kids were sacrificed

Peggy Traeger Tierney BREAKING: The Broward County Sheriff’s Office training & operation manual specifically dictates that first officers on the scene of an active shooter incident “will immediately go to confront the shooter” – which they failed to do in Parkland.

They DIRECTLY acted AGAINST PROTOCOL. Who told them to do that?

Jim White This is what happens when you've got a friend who knows a friend who can help you get a job like being a school police officer and you're really just a plain old coward and shouldn't have the job in the first place

Steve Neal The heads that need to roll are still getting paid for the job they refused to do and to take responsibility for letting innocent lives be taken when they had the training and the power to stop it…

Aiden Masters When a policeman becomes too fat, he should be given 6 months to get back in shape or be fired. Hell, The Romans would’ve had Peterson fight a herd of lions after his pathetic performance at the school.

Chad Cilfone Insane, Local Law Enforcement failed this community in every way imaginable… 30+ calls about this Degenerate and NO charges filed, FBI notified NO charges filed(maybe they should work on changing Law Enforcement Policy), because had they done the job, current gun laws would have prevented the purchase of any firearm. To top it off, this Officer who was large, and most likely wearing a vest, allowed 17 children to be shot, instead of charging in and drawing fire toward himself, which would have either changed the focus of the shooter, or made him run, or even take his own life.. 

The country should be disgusted, and focus the outrage properly.. Bring back public execution for the mass murderers, start dissuading it by showing them instead of the country making excuses, there is a harsh and immediate consequence, no public fame… just death in front of a nation.


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