Tucker Carlson Tonight Live Streaming Youtube July 17, 2019

Tucker Carlson Tonight July 17, 2019

Tucker Carlson Tonight Live Streaming Youtube 

In so many ways, America is a weaker, poorer, more divided, more fractured country than it was when [Ross] Perot first ran for president in 1992. We can't say Perot would have been a great president, who knows? But if we'd listened to him a little more, not dismissed him, we'd probably be a stronger country today

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President Trump's North Carolina rally was interrupted by a protester holding up pictures of the president with Jeffrey Epstein. Trump teased that the protester was 'going home to mommy' as the man was ejected by security

President Trump hits the campaign trail again with a rally in North Carolina. The event was originally scheduled to be on the same day as former Special Counsel Mueller's long-awaited testimony before the latter was postponed to next week

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