Tucker Carlson Tonight June 3 2019 Fox News Live

Tucker Carlson Tonight June 3 2019: Fox News Live

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Tucker Carlson Tonight June 3 2019

The House of Representatives approved a $19.1 disaster relief bill Monday, sending the measure to President Trump after conservative Republican lawmakers blocked three separate attempts to pass the bill by a voice vote last week.

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Ines Longo I'm an Aussie , cant srand those dreadful democrats , America has been Blessed to have this wonderful President , who loves his country , and showing the world the way . I wish we had him in Australia

Judy Skinner I am so tired of my hard earned money being taxed to pay for halitosis and hot air. All of you need to shut your mouths and do the jobs you were sent to D.C. to do. I taught school for 36 yrs. If I had spent my paid time ranting and complaining about my school administrators as you political do-nothings have been doing about your administrators, I would be looking for another job next year!

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