Tucker Carlson Tonight June 13th: Tucker DESTROYS DEMS

Tucker Carlson Tonight 6-13-2019 – FOX NEWS TODAY JUNE 13,2019

Tucker Carlson Tonight June 13th

The left and some Repubs made me laugh when they said that the consumer would bear the burden of tariffs. I would love to ask them.Who do you think is bearing the cost of illegal immigration and the illegals living in this nation? So actually the consumer who is a tax payer would be saving money with the tariffs over the cost of illegal immigration/illegals

Probably the most successful presidents ever . Even with the bashing media, nonstop dirt digging investigations and he still comes through with great accomplishments for the good of America. The man is a success story and the dems only agenda is to take him down . Whos working for America ? Trump is

President Trump announces that Sarah Sanders will be resigning as White House press secretary.

Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy on Rep. Swalwell switching his position on seeking impeachment for President Trump

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