Tucker: The left gets high marks for message discipline

Democratic presidential candidates focus on talking points about Trump and the law.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders on Wednesday delivered a no-apologies address embracing and defending “democratic socialism.” One of his rivals for the nomination, former Rep. John K. Delaney of Maryland, was critical of Sander's speech saying, "the United States has been an economic and innovation marvel and our national wealth has been good for our citizens and enabled us to be a force of good throughout the 

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow picked to moderate first Democratic presidential primary debate; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.

Viewer reaction:

So here are a couple of my thoughts on socialism. What is a progressive and how do you know when you get there. Thousands of Americans are homeless but Bernie has 3 houses and he is pushing socialism. It is starting to sound like what happened to Venezuela and other countries that went down that road.

We have socialism in America. Corporations provide socialized health insurance to their employees. AKA pooling resources. And the federal government has provided Medicare since 1965. God, you guys are exhausting.

Socialism might be appealing to people who prefer to live off of others, but not at all to those of us who prefer to earn our money. Bernie needs to go away.

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