Tucker Carlson Tonight Fox News Today March 5 2018 Fox News Live

Tucker Carlson Tonight Fox News Today March 5, 2018

U.S. News and World Report just released their new 'Best States' ranking and they have some bad news for California: Despite having a powerful economy, it was rated dead last in quality of life. Ethan Bearman reacts.

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Claudia Anne who allowed this evil into an American college!!! parents jump up and fight she is the devil please study your sharia law first~ maybe your kids will be wiser and boycott the school, disgusting! who's running this place?? guess the laughing face must be a sister to evil

Kristie Easter Wooten It’s the university way- Spew hate and venom, indoctrination all around. The country is on a speeding train to hell. With no brakes.

Maureen Davis This woman supports anti-American terrorism and believes in Sharia law. If that is what UConn wants their students to listen to then that is their right….their protected 1st Amendment right. The fact that they fought against Ben Shapiro speaking just shows how far the standards have fallen in our country.

Corey Lewis Of course. Let someone who is possessed by Satan himself speak, while silencing anyone who actually speaks truth and speaks against the darkness of the day. Classic…

Linda Emery Sarsour is a hideous creature. Vile from the bottoms of her gnarly claws to the top of her hijab-clad head. Bent only on destruction of our freedoms and our country. Why can we not be RID of her?!?

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