Tucker Carlson Tonight Fox News Today – March 2, 2018

Trump Take Gun First Due Process Second

Viewers reacted:

Chris Castagna I would consider accepting raising the age to buy a rifle to 21 ONLY if the voting age is also raised to 21… and they should prob make 21 the minimum age for sex changes too!!!

Glenn Sizemore I'm a Republican, I am a conservative, I am tired of hearing about guns every day. I just want Ohio's Bi-polar weather cycle to level out so I can get out an play 18 holes for the first time since shoulder reconstruction in November… Is that too much to ask? LOL By the way, the 2nd amendment will not be changed, Bank on that!!! All this discussion every day, all day, when it's not going to be changed!!! No need to worry!

Julie Lawson We need to stop catering to activists trying to control and change the way people think. Kids are being harmed by this behavior. Let the adults stand up and take back control of the real world!!

Mark Batleman The pamphlet tells students to “understand a person’s pronouns can change; do not assume the preferred pronouns from yesterday will still apply today.”
Good lord, what are we supposed to DO?

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