Tucker Carlson Tonight Fox News Today- February 27, 2018

Fla. Rep. Matt Gaetz is introducing a bill in Congress that would increase oversight of FISA courts by making judges subject to presidential appointment and Senate confirmation. Schiff introduced the same bill five years ago and now won't support it. What changed?

Viewers reacted:

John Smith: He wouldn't back his own family. This shif4brains is pure evil. He will be in criminal court then military court. He has plenty of time to make up another story.

Adam " Schiff for brains".i think he is using the same drugs Pelosi and a whole lot more of dems must be using…who thinks like them without being blasted on something?

Richard is an idiot, yes I am sure he is rich but if those lips moving and that head is bobbing up and down that man is lying!

Why ???? BECAUSE Adam Schiff has values as fluid as water and as solid as smoke. His ability to take a stand and show his backbone, except I don't believe he possesses one.

The hypocrisy of the left is neverending… Why wouldn't these crooks want transparency? Ohh that's right, they are CROOKS… The closet muslim ran his campaigns on being transparent, go look it up, now they don't want transparency??? Again, the hypocrisy…

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