Tucker Carlson Tonight Fox News November 15 2018

Tucker Carlson Tonight November 15, 2018

Tucker debates anchor Enrique Acevedo as migrants begin to arrive at the Mexico-US border in Tijuana.

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Viewer reactions:

Gary Pender Our young don't have the I.Q's needed to survive because of the liberal strong hold on our education system. That's the bottom line

Hailey Jennings Our country is so dysfunctional – it's been in moral decay for decades and now we are reaping what we've sown. That's a hard price to pay, but America has strayed so far from reason, morality, respect, and on and on. It's tragic to watch, but history repeats itself, and history tells us that the mighty do fall. The answer is not in D.C., the answer is that America MUST return back to GOD. Otherwise, we are history.

Donna Graves-Roll Hahaha!!!! So democrats won the house because they are all about families?!?! Hilarious! Yes, the only people with families that are taken care of will be immigrants and illegals, democrats take care of them. The average American family is SOL.

Debi Clark Anding People not getting married has nothing to do with being able to afford to get married and start a family. They have no morals and have figured out it cheaper not to marry because government will pay for woman to have children if not married and will even provide housing, food , medical so why would they want to marry.


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