Tucker Carlson Tonight Dec 21, 2018

Negotiations ongoing to avoid partial shutdown; former CIA Ops officer Bryan Dean Wright weighs in.

Partial government shutdown appearing inevitable as deadline nears

Senate to take up stopgap bill with border wall funding

Trump 'ready for shutdown' as Senate struggles over wall

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Viewer reactions:

David Graham It's hilarious to watch leftists who hated this General's guts only minutes ago now praise him and hold him in the highest regard simply because he resigned from the Trump administration.

Joshua Brock Will this finally get some people to start asking questions about this president or will they just blindly trust this man with no military experience who says he knows more than his generals? Smh

Cindy Belanger I applaud our POTUS for this move many Americans are dying in this ongoing struggle in the middle east for no reason these Muslims will not change they have been living in a violent manor for a very long time ,long before we became a nation and the argument that our allies are endangered is a fair one but they must fight their own fight we cannot start trying to take out Assad it’s not our business and our men should not die for this cause

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