Fox News Tucker Carlson Tonight August 7, 2019: Raise Trump

Tucker Carlson Tonight August 7, 2019

There are really two Joe Bidens and they have radically different views. One has been around for a long time, we'll call him 'old Joe Biden.' And one just entered politics, we'll call him 'new Joe Biden.' So new Joe Biden is the one running for president right now, and that's too bad because old Joe Biden had something going for him

President Trump and First Lady Melania visit victims of El Paso's mass shooting after a stop in Dayton, Ohio amid fallout over the back-to-back tragedies.


Debate squabble causes poll slump for Harris; reaction and analysis on 'The Five

45, to 50 years, and Joe Biden has done nothing for America, and the American people.. Greed, hunger for power, and corruption is the real Joe Biden.. Think real hard good people of America..Joe Biden Is Obama, in conneto..Thief, corruption, human trafficking, drugs, and no morals.. That's Joe Biden!!

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