Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/7/21: Americans are being paid to stay at home

Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/7/21

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“What is true, once again, is that the government is paying people more not to work than to work. And so, why would they work?” . Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Friday toured facilities at the southern border, touting how the Biden administration has emptied Border Patrol facilities — but warned that officials are seeing hundreds of unaccompanied children cross the border each day.

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Viewer react to Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/7/21

Mike Ratican
Fox News … Well, this is exactly what we’re seeing. We have the federal government subsidizing and incentivizing State unemployment. If someone can make more employment than working, they will simply stay on an employment. Employers looking for people are having an extremely tough time trying to find employees.
Meanwhile, back at the Kremlin, the White House high command is trying their best to push yet another round of Nanny state incentives. This vicious circle, it will not end well for any of us. Sucks. I have worked since I was 14 and all my kids do. Paid there student loans on their own
Taught them work ethics and they know the drill. Have a 22 year old in construction management. Just a 2 year degree and making well beyond minimum wage because he worked hard and never calls in sick for a cold. Tired of the whiners.

Marilyn Lee Hulan
This is really happening people.  How long can we last in this Country before we start another Civil War over the growing fact of facing growing socialistic ways from people that have been led and taught to believe that this is the way to do things to make this World better but don’t take into mind the fact that someone, anyone and they don’t care if you’re slaves will start enslaving everyone they can to survive. That’s the way the government is going to push there $15/hour, once minimum wage increases to &15/hour they will reduce the amount of free money they hand out, they are going to squeeze until they get there way

Yvonne Timm
People are going to be in hurting status when the money runs out and they actually have to go back to work in order to pay off their bills and mortgages along with putting food on their tables! Our area is begging people to WORK…but as long as you pay them NOT to….even McDonald’s was closed for weeks because no one would show up?? Goods shortages are common place these days….but we are a “rural state”, so we figure stuff is going to suburbia first…..

SEE :  Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/5/21

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