Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/4/21: He Takes Aim at 'Woke' CIA Recruitment Ad

Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/4/21 : Tucker Takes Aim at ‘Woke’ CIA Recruitment Ad

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Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume joins “Tucker Carlson Tonight” with reaction to President Biden and first lady Jill Biden donning masks as they leave the home of former President Jimmy Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter — but not while inside.

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Viewer react to Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/4/21

Geri Cornett Ash
The man is not all there PERIOD. SHAME on his wife for allowing him to be used for POWER … oh never mind as I’m sure her pockets are being lined nicely. TOTALLY PHOTO SHOPPED!!! Not even a good job! I honestly am NOT a fan of President Carter, but this photo is disrespectful, love Fox News

Pearce Baker
So he masked up for a zoom call with world leaders when little to no people were in the room, but didn’t mask up with these two? I guess Biden fans will say they’ve had the vaccine and they are safe. These two amazing people did nothing wrong. They are the best role models in the country – and they have a long eight years left ahead of them to clean up the mess left by 45. Best President America’s ever had, no question about it

John Wood
He’s wearing a mask, he’s not wearing a mask, he can do whatever he wants, he has been fully vaccinated, Tucker trying so hard to shake that Bullshitter label the federal judge put on him. They’re all vaccinated. If you all would quit with the conspiracy theories and get vaccinated then you would understand

Sandy Pagano
I believe there is a more Sinister reason for wearing a mask all the time. He believes this is a way of controlling people. Left-wing faction of the democratic party wants control and power. And by forcing people to wear this face covering it makes them obedient to the government. This picture was definitely photo-shopped. The Carters look like mere midgets alongside the Bidens. I wonder if they (the Carters) feel used and insulted by this, I know I certainly would if I were them. love to watch Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/4/21

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