Tucker Carlson Tonight 4/21/21: Tucker React to George Floyd's death

Tucker Carlson Tonight 4/21/21: Political leaders took advantage of George Floyd’s death

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Mark McCloskey, the St. Louis attorney who along with his wife grabbed national headlines last year for pointing guns at Black Lives Matter protesters, says a 2022 run for Missouri’s open Senate seat is “definitely a consideration.”

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The Biden Justice Department’s decision to return to the Obama administration’s heavy use of consent decrees is being criticized by law enforcement officials and advocates who fear it will handicap police and erode community-police relations.

Ted Cruz slams LeBron James’ ‘grossly irresponsible’ tweet about officer on Fox News

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Viewer react to Tucker Carlson Tonight 4/21/21

John McHugh

“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent” Kurt Vonnegut – sorry for quoting from a book, I couldn’t find any good meme or tic tok instructions telling me what to say

D Sims

Floyd’s family is insanely lucky. If they cops had been 8 min slower Floyd would have OD’d on his own and no multimillion dollar pay out. I guess they know how bad they were at parenting.

Elsa Rossato
Yesterday, we saw the police officer on the trial got the verdict from the jurors. However many people don’t realize that God’s White Judgment is more serious than US Justice System because God Jesus on the throne will judge all the people. Everyone will stand before God and the books and book of life. Anyone who is not found written in the book of life will cast into the lake of fire for forever.
Let God judge all the people. He will count your sins no matter if you lie (small sin) or murder (big sin). Because God is holy, therefore we all must be holy. We all are born sinners. We need to repent in the confrontation of our God everyday. We also need to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for remission of our sins and receive the gift of Holy Spirit

.Ds s131

The fact that the jury wasn’t immediately sequestered during the entire trial is grounds for a mistrial. Period. I still think he’s probably guilty of manslaughter, but there’s no way he recieved a fair trail.

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