Tucker Carlson Tonight 4-13-21: Who's really in charge?

Tucker Carlson Tonight 4-13-21

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The Biden administration announced Tuesday that it is expanding the entry of migrants into the U.S. who had been kept in Mexico as part of the Trump-era Migrant Protection Protocol – even as migrants continue to surge toward the border in record numbers.

“I don’t think they anticipated that the backlash against this would be so great.”
Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume joins “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to weigh in on the relationship between major corporations and politics.

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“[The Biden administration is] enacting a radical and 100% partisan agenda here. And it’s going to bankrupt this nation.”
Sen. Ron Johnson discussed how the Biden administration’s $1.9 trillion spending bill will add to the nation’s growing debt.
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Peter Armata
That’s why Democrats don’t hate taxes, they’re ok with it to balance the budget. Republicans slash taxes especially on those that are exorbitantly wealthy. The Republican led tax break for the ‘middle class’ a few years ago hit us hard. Republicans don’t believe in taxing people a lot because Republicans believe in smaller government. Smaller government to do less. Republicans also believe you should vote for them so they can further their plan on doing less for their constituents and citizens. Nation wouldn’t go bankrupt if Republicans would stop slashing taxes so we can pay for the programs in place that serve us as well as the toys the government needs
.Steve Trewhitt
It will go down in History as the absolute worst Administration that was ever assembled. And is already known as the Wokeflake era.

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