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Tucker Carlson Tonight 3-5-21

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“We don’t say ‘open sesame’ we say ‘open Biden.’ What does that mean? We have no idea.” “Open Biden” must be reference to the fact that under Biden the US borders will be open to drug smuggling, human trafficking, child sex trafficking, terrorist infiltration, and illegal immigration with no regard for criminal or Covid status

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Jimmy Allen
She is on extacsy they all are bunch of perves all that money no where to spend it but on getting off on the innocent freaking sickos running our country we all should be ashamed.

Diane Gramm
It means give him a pen a black folder with anything in it ! He opens it and signs anything that is put before him! That’s exactly what that means!

Sharon Vulpitta
Fox news why keep making people hate each other. Is that hiw you get your ratings stop and think about the kids what you’re teaching them hatred end it we all need to get along. That how this guy keeps his job. Wake up people. We are paying for lies not love and respect.

Michael Woodard
There’s a big problem in America. I have Democrats and Republicans in my family. I love them all. We don’t mind helping each other out. You touch the family and your career is coming to the end. We don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican. Our family members won’t stand for your corrupt politicians. We will lock your office and change the locks. Want to end your business or political career? You just have to touch the family. Because family is first, politics are last.

Rick Richmond
Could today’s Democrats be the dumbest human species ever seen on Earth? My vote is yes. Open Biden? That is dumbest thing I have ever heard. Did she really say that? Please tell me that’s a doctored video. No one could be that stupid. Good Lord.

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