Tucker Carlson Tonight 3-22-18 – Donald Trump – American Idol – America`s Got Talen

Tucker Carlson Tonight 3-22-18

Former sniper debunks these popular arguments for gun control.

Free Speech Under Threat: poll reveals that college students believe diversity is more important than free speech.

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Sara Williams When you have people like Nancy Pelosi saying her Grandson wishes to be brown; this is where we end up.

Jamie Bekkers Isn’t diversity born from free speech and freedom of thought?

Greg Griffin It won't matter if folks on the right and in the middle don't get energized and mobilized…quickly.

The progressive socialist left wants revenge against the President, his family, his team, and his supporters in the worst way.

They will break any law, circumvent any rule, and trample on any ethical guideline to get it.

'Humpty Dumpy' is broken, Folks. There is no putting it back together. 

This struggle is about the values we hold dear as Americans and the survival of our Republic.

Ryan Glover Free speech is no longer accepted by to many people. If you don't agree with their views they consider you to be worth less than them. They will physically and verbally attack you if you disagree with what they say.

Reid Hickman Tucker and other followers (unrelated, sorry), can we all start changing 'gun violence' to 'illegal gun violence'? Its more accurate and I have been using it for a while and it confuses the goofballs who are asking for 'sensible gun laws' etc… 
thank you for all you do!!! and again, sorry for the unrelated, but I think its important and going to make a little difference in our world!!!

Ian McMillan Gun control is what happened yesterday when a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun in another school shooting. If the good guy had his guns taken away, then there would have been many more deaths.

Mike Rambo Ever notice that there's shootings everyday in Chicago but we never hear of the type of gun.

Scott Nowicki The Best Gun Control to have folks…… Steady Breathing and a relaxed trigger pull. Afterall folks, sniper motto "You can run, but you'll only die tired".

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