Fox News Live Tucker Carlson Tonight 2/22/19

Tucker Carlson Tonight 2/22/19

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“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others, who are actually proposing things that are actually seeming very far to the left, have a chance of actually getting a compromise that’s in the center, something Democrats have abandoned since Reagan.”

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Friday, Chris Hahn, a former aide to Senator Chuck Schumer, argued that a leftward shift in the Democratic Party would lead to centrist compromises.

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Dave Weiss Cortez..First Amazon, now Burger King and McDonalds must go..Where is the food for the poor and middle class. We can't all afford those expensive resturants she eats in..Guess she will attack all the Pizza places in NYC next.

Garfield Mcintyre History started around the boston tea party, the constitution was writen all made dy REPUBLICAN. We are a republic. Always have been. Then the DEMOCRATS come along.

Lori L Riffel She sucks! In my opinion the DemLibs need to go out to eat, they act hangry! Aka hungry & angry

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