Tucker Carlson on August 18 2021 : Adam Kinzinger was caught crying

Tucker Carlson on August 18, 2021

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Tucker Carlson swipes at Biden for ‘betrayal’ of US taxpayers who funded Afghanistan occupation

Tucker Carlson Tonight on August 18, 2021

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Bill Cavros
George W Bush’s mission statement was to capture Osama bein-laden. That expired 10 years ago. So did the public interest in having a second Vietnam. We were never going to win their “Hearts and Minds” time to GTFO and love Fox News 

John Wasierski Jr.
Meet the next leader of Afghanistan: Abdul Ghani Baradar is veteran resistance fighter who saw off the Russians and was FREED from a Pakistani jail by Donald Trump as part of deal with Taliban

Debbi O’Brien
Fine Kemp. You and Fox News can start building the Tent Hospitals. You and Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity can be their doctors. Unvaccinated patients do not deserve out precious few ICU beds.

Gregory Williams
Comments from cowards. Tucker Carlson would not know honor if it hit him on the head. Propaganda from a sad human committed to promoting chaos. Let’s pay attention to what he thrives on. Divisiveness and attention.

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