Tucker Carlson Live Stream May 30, 2019

Tucker Carlson Live Stream

President Trump on Thursday abruptly announced a new 5 percent tariff on Mexico beginning in early June, saying the levy will "gradually increase" until the ongoing illegal immigration surge at the southern border is "remedied."

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Trump has already worsened America's world economic standing with his trade war with China, increasing costs for American citizens and now with Mexico.Both only increasing inflation within America.  Trump is like a bull in a china shop, destroying America's economy.

I never thought I would see a President that fights so hard for the American people. President Trump does things everyday. Thank god Trump is our President and not that corrupt hag Hillary or the men’s room attendant Obama

Freaking awesome!!!! He should also tax all the money transfers made to Mexico and Latin America! That would more than pay for the wall!!!

I love how for 2 years we heard people say "Trump said hed make Mexico pay for the wall, he lied" well folks, this is how he is making them pay for it!

Follow the pattern ! President had a great trip in Japan . Distraction as usual, take focus off positive trip and on again to negativity . We heard from Mueller in his 400 page report but now he wants to speak Again but not answer any questions . We have questions , enough of him telling us Just what he wants . 
My only question I want answered is when he knew no collusion and why he milked this investigation over two years knowing the truth long ago ? Why is he waiting for Trump & Barr to be out of town ? Every , announcement perfectly timed , every announcement

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