Watch Tucker Carlson 2/22/23: This will make you shiver

According to a segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Tucker Carlson criticized Pete Buttigieg’s qualifications and leadership abilities as the transportation secretary. Carlson claimed that Buttigieg was not qualified for the job due to his lack of experience in transportation and infrastructure. Carlson also accused Buttigieg of being more interested in promoting himself than actually leading the department.

Watch Tucker Carlson 2/22/23 tonight

The segment included a clip of Buttigieg being questioned by Senator Ted Cruz about the impact of the Keystone XL pipeline cancellation on jobs, to which Buttigieg responded by saying that creating new jobs in clean energy was a priority. Carlson criticized Buttigieg’s response, arguing that it was not a sufficient answer to Cruz’s question.

Overall, Carlson’s segment focused on his belief that Buttigieg was not the right person for the job, and that his appointment was more about promoting the Democratic Party’s interests than finding a qualified candidate.

During the segment, Carlson played a clip of Lemon stating that white men were the biggest threat to the United States, which Carlson criticized as divisive and unhelpful. Carlson argued that Lemon’s comments were part of a larger trend in which certain groups were being unfairly targeted and demonized based on their race and gender.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reflects on Don Lemon’s controversial comments on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Carlson also accused Lemon of hypocrisy, pointing out that he owns property in a predominantly white neighborhood despite his comments about white people being a threat. Carlson suggested that Lemon’s comments were not based on genuine concern for the country, but were instead a means of scoring political points and promoting his own agenda.

Overall, Carlson’s segment focused on his belief that Lemon’s comments were harmful and divisive, and that they were emblematic of a larger trend in which certain groups were being unfairly targeted based on their race and gender and hope you love to watch Tucker Carlson 2/22/23

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