America's Got Talent 2018 Troy James Audition Performance

Troy James: Contortionist Terrifies Guest Judge Chris Hardwick – America’s Got Talent 2018

Troy James Audition

Don’t be afraid. He won’t bite

Troy James took a break from his day job in human resources to surprise the judges with his creepy contortion act.

 He’s got a boring Human Resources job and lives a pretty ordinary life!His talent is just a hobby. So yeah. Basically, he can turn himself into a pretzel and it’s pretty gross to look at. NEXT. H e crawls up to the judges table like a creepy spider. Ew. “It was like the Exorcist,” says Simon. But he loves that. Troy explain that he was born flexible. Heidi and Mel both give a big thumbs up. – 4 yeses.

 Down Syndrome Awareness


He’s an office worker with a very “special” talent. He was born premature. He thinks maybe that contributed to his weird ability to contort. He’s like a scary arachnid and I can barely watch. He crawls right up into the judges faces, then leads Chris on stage, lays him out on a chaise and…Uhm. What was that? Simon loves watching the audience reaction.

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