Tristen Gressett Performs Piano Man by Billy Joel on American Idol 2022


The American Idol season 20 continues tonight with week 3 auditions from Austin, Los Angeles and Nashville. Judges Lionel RichieKaty Perry and Luke Bryan along with host Ryan Seacrest will introduce a new crop young hopefuls.

Watch Tristen Gressett American Idol performance tonight

It’s been Tristen and his mom for a long time. She manages him. “She’s the hardest working person I know,” Tristen gushes. He’s full of energy! Lionel Richie is his hero. He’s about to burst into tears. He plays Piano Man as if Dylan was covering it. He plays mouth harp along with his guitar strumming. He’s a good singer, though. Strong, even in his upper register. His performing is also full of energy. He’s so animated, he could pull it back a little. He’s trying a wee bit too hard.

“What comet did you ride in on?”says Luke. He declares that he wants to bring back a thing that should have never left. Soul. The judges not that he’s overdoing it. “We’re trying to take you from a gimmick to an artist,” says Lionel. He asks for another song. Luke warns him not to play the guitar too loud. The new song is more nuanced. He’s got the raw materials. He just needs to trust in himself. Obviously, he’s nervous and overcompensating. The judges interrupt him and it makes him MORE nervous. Lionel says he has some “real substance…you can be a master artist.” Katy and Luke say “Make it about the music first.” Despite reservations, the judges say yes, and Tristen cries. – 3 yeses

Fan react to Tristen Gressett American Idol performance

Katie Kelly
I love his hippie vibe and when he dials it down he really does have a great voice. I’m glad the judges let him do a second song! I enjoyed seeing Tristen’s energy while he was singing in front of the Judges. His strong bond with his mother was awesome to watch.

Roberta Blick
In a short time he heard what they had to say and responded – keep guitar no louder than that, sing those words like that – shows promise. 17 and wants this so bad. Think he’ll use the opportunity well and will ‘make it about the musuc’

Felicia Marie
For some reason I want him to sing a post Malone song lol. He kinda looks like him in the face without the tattoos. Even if he doesn’t go far, I hope he gets signed because I’d love to hear more from him!! Loved hearing the soul in his emotions for his music!

Ashley Richerzhagen Wyatt
From someone who has seen him perform in person several times, he is a very talented kid. I hope they show some of his performances that he’s done in the school lobby, soul for days! Way to go Tristen, your hometown is so excited to see where you’ll go!

G Edward Pedranti
This kid definitely has a soulful rock voice/vibe. I would love to hear you try some Black Crowes Tristren. I definitely think you could do some justice to their songs.  Tristen Gressett is SO very talented, especially for his age! An awesome entertainer no doubt
We watched him perform weekly at the 2021 Kowaliga Idol competition in Alabama. His energy NEVER ends!
My son, Dakota King came in runner up in the competition.
We tried to get him to audition but he wouldn’t 
His vocals, guitar, passion for writing would’ve blown everyone away. Maybe next year.
Good luck Tristen!!!!

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