Trevor Holmes Katy tells him He's ELIMINATED Showcase Round Final Judgment American Idol 2018

Trevor Holmes Katy tells him He’s ELIMINATED Showcase Round Final Judgment American Idol 2018

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American Idol 2018 Showcase Round / Final Judgment with live audience to make to Top 24. AI on ABC Season 16 (AI S16E08). This is the full performance for this contestant.

Fans reaction:

Jennifer Sharié Edmonds Katy wasn’t checkin for him forreal…she just played along with his crush on her. I mean how many girls gotta crush on Luke? He’s married & we know he isn’t checkin for any of us. Come on now with the insecurities already. Women like that irritate me

Alexandra Marx Maybe not in terms of his looks but his singing wasn’t that good. He smiled too much during his performance. Don’t know if he’s nervous, part of his act, or conceited.

Dorothy Bowen Trevor and Laine definitely should have stayed ! They had so much personality and loved their voices ! I can believe some of the ones who went thru and they never ; they had the connection voice and didnt do the screaming voice ; they made you want to listen even harder! American Idol please bring them back as soon as possible they have star power!

Joie Dimaranan – Thiella I think he became too confident as well as his gf that he might go through coz of too much adoration and attention katy is giving him. Thats why the way he sings seemed like he was very relaxed and doesn't need to exert more efforts. Bt he's still quite good though. But not that good enough compared to others.

Theresa Bowles Hutchins Nerves got to him! Still think he's better than that girl that had only been in the country for 3 years! Couldn't understand a word she said!!! Tired of them really playing up the fruit cakes!

Mabel Santos Katy is a great entertainer. She added color to the show! c'mon guyz… she has made a good decision for Trevor…he's not gonna make it – is true! (maybe just for now). And the acts that she did (flirt thing) was actually a play to help him be noticed by many, sort of a "build-up" for Trevor. But sadly, instead to go with it, they tend to take it personal. She never wanted to ruin anyone's life. Trevor and girlfriend are not ready yet to face or to be in the world of a "show industry". It would be difficult for them to figure out what is a show and what is not. They should've realized that. Be prepared next time 

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