Trevor Holmes Sings "Home" | Hollywood Week Solo Performance

Trevor Holmes Sings “Home” by Phillip Phillips for Solo Song

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Katy Perry will never let go

Trevor Holmes sings "Home" by Phillip Phillips for his Hollywood Week Solo Performance on American Idol 2018.

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Viewers reacted Trevor Holmes American Idol 2018:

Tanya Bodiford Brooke This lady is very angry about something

Pamela Ann I don't care what anyone says, I love Katy Perry and Trevor Holmes . Her humor is awesome

Chukwuemeka Uromson This is hilarious, I feel that Trevor and Katy will make a good couple. Her girl is insecure. Let this guy have his moments.

Debbie A Blue They are just playing n having fun with it. Don't you see the gf laughing… Stop taking things so seriously. I mean if the gf was mad it would be one thing to take it seriously but she's not jealous n she is having fun with it. Lighten up

Tiffany Wilson Padilla This guy is going make it through to the top 24 american idol 2018 no matter how well he sings thanks to Katy Perry's love for him!

Zaytuun Ibrahim At first, I thought it was all cute and fun, but now she’s just over doing it. I love you Katy, but this’s getting old now

Erica Glass You know what really kills me, the fact everyone is hating on his girlfriend. I mean gosh, lay off already ! She didn’t commit a crime. The girl and this guy are clearly serious and if that was my man up there on stage, I would throw myself at him too! Because nothing is more sexier than your man up there doing his thing . Get it girl 

Yara Castaneda I feel like he’s getting so much attention, he’s really not all that. He’s taking the spotlight from the ones who really deserve it. Just my opinion

DeEtte Turgeon Too funny! If you know anything about reality TV I'm guessing some of this is staged. American Idol has paid Katy Perry well and I think she is earning at least part of her price tag. Trevor is adorable, Sierra Renee Nielsen is adorable, Katy Perry is adorable and Luke & Lione are working it well! Just sit back & enjoy people

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