Full Town Hall with President Trump 2020 Campain - US NEWS

Full Town Hall with President Trump 2020 Campain

President Trump will take the stage for his first Presidential Town Hall tonight & he needs to know you’re still with him.

President Donald J. Trump responded to a question about whether he could deliver his message without “controversial rhetoric” during a Fox News Channel town hall Thursday evening

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President Trump discusses his new Middle East peace plan and border security

President Trump addresses his potential 2020 rivals with moderators Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Viewer react to Town Hall with President Trump 2020

John Dennis President Trump is a very smart man, when the left zigs he zags, he continues to produce despite constant attacks for going on four years now. He produces through innovation and ideas. He is for the American people and will continue to succeed. Trump 2020

Margaret Poovey Well done, Mr. President. We are so proud to have you as our leader. You have truly Made America Great Again! You did an amazing job answering real questions with real answers during the Fox Town Hall.

Joe Weisbrod Very well done, Mr. President! You seemed very much at ease in your first small-crowd environment and answered all of the questions you were tasked with very well! Keep Making America Great! Proud to support your efforts.

Dorothy Hillary President Trump, Your Pa. town hall was excellent. You showed your understanding of the subjects that were presented to you and your demeanor was relaxed and irreproachable..

Suzzette E Cusmano I love you President Trump and the beautiful first lady . you are the best President in my lifetime ! I place you right up there next to George Washington ! I’ll keep praying for you and your family and our beautiful country


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