Jay Jay Shows Off His Amazing Footwork – SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE

Tonight, the top ten guys will all dance outside their style with an all-star partner before the judges narrow down the field to just five. Those five will join last week’s five girls to make up this season’s top 10!

Jay Jay dances to "No Excuses" by Meghan Trainor.


This was smart choreography. It gave Jay Jay the chance to use a lot of his contemporary and jazz skills while still having the tried and true cha-cha steps we need to see. He was fierce out there dancing with Chelsie. Solid job. Vanessa says the cha-cha looked flawless. Mary says that we are drawn to Jay Jay when he dances. Nigel wants him to be careful with breaking his lines.

Viewers reactions:

MrPete Vanessa’s still on? See you next season. If SYTYCD survives.

Pennie Vigue Same type of music and dancing constantly this season….boring

Tyisha Brown I like him, but his face can be too much at times.

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