Cole dances with grace to “The Quality Of Mercy” – SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE

Tonight, the top ten guys will all dance outside their style with an all-star partner before the judges narrow down the field to just five. Those five will join last week’s five girls to make up this season’s top 10!

Cole dances with grace to "The Quality Of Mercy" by Max Richter

Cole is exceptional in contemporary. He took the piece and he and Jaimie were dancing as one. The lines and elegance displayed had me in awe. Such a well rounded dancer. Nigel said that he did not feel Cole was fake at all in this routine. Vanessa says his partner work was gorgeous. Mary has never seen such a trajectory of improvement.

Viewers reactions:

Tyler Rasul Silverhammer No one at Lex's level this year, but the five guys chosen should all end up in the top 5 … JJ, Cole, and others. I assume they will cut one guy and one girl first three weeks though

Tracy Seaton Ding Bring back the Schwimmer's as All-Stars!

Hannah Romaine No thanks so over this show

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