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Tony the Hippo SanDiego Zoo Latest Update

Who’s excited for National Hippo Day? Weighing around 300 lbs, Tony continues to grow, but wild populations of hippos are declining. These formidable grazers act as important fertilizers for African ecosystems, but are Vulnerable due to habitat loss & illegal wildlife trafficking.

Can we just talk about how Tony’s nose is heart-shaped?

Let’s go surfin’ now
Mr. T is learning how!

Since hippos can’t swim, this beach boy relies on his mom for support. Our 4-month-old water horse is becoming more adventurous and playful in the river hippo pool. You can visit Tony and Funani on Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends.

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Tony (aka Mr. T) starts every morning with a hearty breakfast. We happened to catch this rare moment of him nursing underwater! Hippos can nurse underwater or on land.

Splish, splash, Tony’s takin’ a bath

Tony is Tons of Baby Hippo

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Supporters reacted :

Joan Colbert Thank goodness that hippos like Tony and Fiona were born in safe havens with awesome human caretakers.

Joe Chase This is so great to watch as can’t see it in person. Thank you for posting SDZ & hope they in the wild do not become extinct.

Faith Hastings Daye Hello from Maryland!! Can’t wait to get back to see you guys!

Patricia King Tony we have the perfect girlfriend for you how about Fiona when you two are a little older. We love  you.

Elbert Batica Evan though I know they would bite me in half, that is the cutest thing ever and I want to swim with them!

Carol Brown I was fortunate to visit and get some great photos with my grandkids. These guys are great!

Lori Hughes Such a character. Anyone know if they have been observed having this kind of fun in the wild or is this a hippo-in-captivity thing?

Beth S Kitchens I saw the other Hippo…. I guess the Father….in October. The first hippo i have ever seen and I was amazed!

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