Timothy the Hippo Sent Love Letter to Fiona the Hippo

Timothy the Hippo San Antonio

Hi Fiona,

I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you, actually I woke up thinking about you. I hope that you and your family Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden are doing well. Please tell your mom Timothy says howdy! That's how they say hi in Texas…sometimes.

Things in San Antonio are great. Something called FIESTA is coming and all the people are super excited. Apparently it's a 10 day city wide party with lots of food and fun! I love parties,food and fun! Put them all together and I'm in hippo heaven! Speaking of food the nice people that wrote your book sent me a fruit basket! It was yummy, it made me think to myself "Self, you should send Fiona something" so I think I will!

Anyhoo, everyone trades these medals and the zoo made one of me and grandma! My tail even spins…it's a boy hippo thing!

Hope to hear from you soon. I miss not hearing from you when I don't hear from you if you know what I mean.


Timothy the Hippo San Antonio

Timothy the Hippo San Antonio

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Supporters reaction::

Jennifer Huber Timothy, Don't worry about not hearing from Fiona. We all know what a sweet boy you are. She'll figure it out eventually! I love your medal and just ordered one for myself!

Melanie Pettit Wiedeman Fiona is still learning her ABC’s.  keep writing, I love reading your letters!

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