Timothy the Hippo’s Latest Letter to Fiona the Hippo

Timothy the Hippo Letter to Fiona 

Dear Fiona,

I'm just going to get this out of the way right now….I like sticks! I really enjoy playing with them in the water! I can go to the bottom and let it go and get this…IT FLOATS. Then, I can grab off the top of the water and do it all over again! Grandma thinks I'm silly.

My keepers told me I'm going to get a shout out on the Fiona Show soon! I hear there are other boys that think you are beautiful too, but I'm confident that I am more handsome and FOR SURE stronger than those guys, especially if they are from California! Yep, I'm watching you Tony at San Diego Zoo!

Anyhoo, I hope you and my maybe future mother-in-law are doing awesome. I really like hearing from you and looking at pictures and videos of what you are doing at your zoo. I was a little sad last week, but I'm feeling much better this week. Your keepers sent me a nice message! Apparently lots of people were worried about me. Winnie was worried too, but I assured her I was OK. Don't you think that was nice of her to check on me?

Dear Fiona,

I hope you are having a hippotastic day! I have to be honest my life is a bit upside down. I'm missing you TONS lately and it's been too long since I have heard from you. It makes my heart ache a little bit. Anyhoo, to better express my feelings for you I am going to write you a poem.

You're my first and last thought of the day
as I eat my hay

You are beautiful and one of a kind
and always on my mind

I'm sitting here missing you
a simple boy at San Antonio Zoo

It makes me sad that you seem so far away
as I eat my hay without hearing from you day after day

Dear Fiona and Winnie,

Fiona, meet Winnie, Winnie meet Fiona. I hope you are both doing swimmingly, and OF COURSE your moms as well! I've been growing and growing and I think I'm getting pretty buff. Grandma says I'm silly because sometimes she catches me flexing in the window reflections.

I really like when people visit me at the zoo and we can see each other. This little girl came to visit me a couple of weeks ago. She was so nice!

Anyhoo, in my spare time I've been practicing my poetry and even jokes…you know in case this superhero thing doesn't work out. Well, I'm going to tell you guys a couple of jokes, I hope you like them!

1. Where do baby hippos come from?
2. How can you get a hippo to do whatever you want?
3. What’s a hippos favorite kind of music?

Well, let's see if you can guess them. Sometime maybe we can have a hippo party and I'll tell jokes to you both or read poetry! Hip Hippo Hooray!


 Down Syndrome Awareness

Dear Fiona,

I hope you and your mom are doing hippotastic there at Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden! I'm doing great here in San Antonio. Yeah, so this week the guy in the picture came to visit me. He was very beard, I mean sweet to me and I really enjoyed his visit. His name is Brent Burns and he told me he plays a sport called hockey and get this, it's on ice! I was like…WHAT!?!? To be honest I thought to myself "self, he must not be very good, it looks like he must fall a lot." His team is called the San Jose Sharks…kind of ironic if you know what I mean. I don't know if you noticed in the picture right away but he doesn't have lot of teeth like you would expect from a Shark.

Anyhoo, last week I told you about my new hippo friend Winnie from Memphis Zoo and apparently some people went a little lemur about it which I really don't understand. I just think she is nice and she winks at me.

Hey, do your keepers ever show you books, pictures or videos? Mine do and I think it is so neat. They told me there are movies that are funny, sad, strange, fake, and even scary! Maybe we could watch a scary movie together sometime, I think that would be fun. We could get some hay to eat and just sit by each other and watch. I would protect you from strangers or monsters or even ghosts! I'm strong. 

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Dear Fiona,

This week I simply wrote a poem to the most beautiful hippo I've ever seen….that's you! Don't tell my mom or grandma I said so, they are beautiful too you know.

Anyhoo, here it is:

Today I got in some trouble
And all for just blowing a bubble

My grandma was quite surprised
For the sound in the pool was full sized

She thought it came from the south
When I swear it came out of my mouth

I hope you liked it!

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Dear Fiona,

How are you! I'm having fun here with grandma and getting lots of time to play in the pool which I love…almost as much as I love napping! My keepers have been showing me some great pictures and videos of you lately. In the last one you were wiggling your ears and I couldn't stop watching…SO CUTE!

I do have a confession to make and this isn't easy for me. You see, um, well I sent a Timothy kiss painting to another girl. Before you get alarmed, I'm totally not interested in her, in fact she's not even my type, or even a hippo. Her name is Michelle Beadle and she works at ESPN….we met on the Twitter. For realz, we're just friends and I wanted you to know that this relationship is purely Hipptonic. She's from San Antonio and loves our Spurs. With all this Kawhi drama lately I thought she could use a little pick me up. Wait till I tell you about ALL THAT BTW!

Anyhoo, now that I have that off of my chest, check this out. There is a zoo truck with a picture of me on the back! I bet when people drive behind it they get scared that a very strong and manly looking hippo is staring back at them, but as you know I'm pretty sweet.

Can't wait to hear from you! Hippo tails crossed!



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