Timothy the hippo is turning 3 tomorrow

Hip hippo-hooray! Timothy the hippo is turning 3 tomorrow. Celebrate with us all weekend.

Hi Fiona,

I've been thinking about you a lot lately and I’m writing you little early today so that I can get back outside and play. Tell your keepers at Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden thank you for sending me the nice note last week. I love when I get them. I actually keep them and hide them. Someday if the AZA lets us be in the same place I would write you letters and hide them for you to find too!

It's been fun here lately with warm weather so I've been doing lots of swimming and napping. Anyhoo, guess what. My birthday is April 14th. I don't mean to brag or anything, but I wanted to show you how well my tusks are coming in! Grandma says I have a million dollar smile. I miss you and hope to hear from you again soon.


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Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Hi Timothy, did you also receive the kiss painting Fiona made you for your Birthday? Hope you have fun celebrating tomorrow.

Missy Hauck Strothers Remember Timothy, Fiona has a lot of "aunts" here in Cincinnati that you will have to "pass muster" with. You are doing a good job, so keep it up.

Mary Jane Mauch Nice tusks Timothy! Your Grandma is right…you do have a millon dollar smile! I saw a clip last week, it didn't say where it was, but a man was brushing the hippo's teeth! Yep, the hippo was awake and the man just brushed away. Do you get your teeth brushed?
Hope the weather is nice for your birthday!

Carol Cutter Gonzales Nice tusks! Love the developing romance between Fiona and Timothy. Just got to say hi to Timothy in person this past weekend. He's a handsome guy!

Judy Dawson

Happy Birthday on Saturday, Timothy! Your grandma knows a handsome boy when she sees one!! I hope you get a nice present from Fiona!

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