Timothy the Hippo`s Letter To Fiona the Hippo

Dear Fiona,

I hope you're doing well there at  Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden! I saw a video today of you swimming with your mom. Now I know where you get your great looks!

Your keepers asked me if I'd be willing to move to Cincinnati if The Association of Zoos and Aquariums thought we would be good together someday! FYI I'd wallow through miles of mud to see you! I don't know much about Cincinnati, can you tell me more? I'm glad your keepers are reading my letters to you, it looks like you've done a great job training them. It's nice that humans are coachable!

There is a lot going on in San Antonio these days. Right now it's spring break and it seems like EVERYONE is at the zoo. We have basketball team called the Spurs and I hear they don't look so great right now, but they have someone named "Pop"…"Pop" isn't that funny. Anyhoo everyone seems to trust this "Pop" and hopes the "Klaw" is back soon, whatever that means. I like saying "Pop" over and over it just makes me smile.

Oh yeah, I heard about this show called The Bachelor where humans give each other roses when they like each other. Do you like roses? I bet they are delicious!

Not to brag, but check me out in the water 



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Fans reacted:

Amy Neighbors Timothy we love that you are in love with our Cincinnati princess. You seem like a fine young hippo. Only if you are willing to leave mom and come to Cincinnati will we allow her to date you. Our princess will not be leaving Cincinnati. 
The people of northern Kentucky and Cincinnati

Kathy Grabner-Block Timothy is a pretty smooth talker and got the moves. Look at him go, can definitely keep up with Fiona

Teresa Yoakum-Wright Dear Timothy , 
Fiona will love your swimming skills.

Laura Lozano Timothy is such a joy!! Please dont leave San Antonio!! Uou will be dearly missed. Maybe Fiona would like to come to Texas!! Everything is bigger in Texas!

Mary Jane Mauch Timothy, you are a wonderful swimmer. I am sure Fiona will be impressed.  I think Fiona might be shy…when it comes to boyfriends and I am hoping she will soon realize what a catch you are! Take care Timothy!

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Malinda Eisenmann Dear Timothy, 
Cincinnati has this baseball team called The Cincinnati Reds and one of the biggest baseball opening day celebrations in the USA!

Kathy Hines Hi Timothy. I think you are one handsome hippo! I think you and Fiona would make a great couple..in time. I think your play time at your pool was fantastic. I enjoyed your video too. Know that there are people in the world who think you are very special too!

Carol Faughn Plumley Oooo, Timothy. You are so strong and handsome. I am pretty sure Fiona will fall for you when she sees this video. Keep up the pursuit. I believe in you.

Mary Jane Huston Pate Timothy, you are something else! I can’t imagine that Fiona wouldn’t fall head over heels for you! 

Mary Berigan I don't know about this match…I visited him this week, and Timothy is very cute but he seems a little low-energy for our spitfire Ms. Fiona!

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