The Voice Season 17 Top 8 Contestants Revealed: Who`s Eliminated

The Voice 17 Recap: Top 10 Results – Top 8 Revealed

The Voice Season 17 Top 8 Contestants

The Voice season 17 Top 10 sang for your votes last night. Tonight, the Top 8 will be revealed. Who will survive on Team Blake Shelton, Team Kelly Clarkson, Team John Legend and Team Gwen Stefani?

America INSTANTLY SAVED Marybeth Byrd! Shane Q and Joana Martinez are eliminated.

Top 8

Will Bremen – Team Legend
Rose Short – Team Gwen
Ricky Duran – Team Blake
Kady Kadan – Team Legend
Jake Hoot – Team Kelly
Hello Sunday – Team Kelly
Kat Hammock – Team Blake
Marybeth Byrd – Team Legend – America Saved


Shane Q – Team Kelly
Joana Martinez – Team Legend

RESULTS: The Top 10 take the stage right away. DUMMMB QUESSSTIONS! Will hit his knee during his performance. He had to ice it down. OUCH. It felt good to Ryan paying homage to his father. He’s happy to show his blues influences to America. In NO particular order. Guess he gets crap about that on Twitter. America saved…from Team Legend…Will Breman! YAYYYYYY. America also saved…from Team Gwen…Rose Short! Yippee! My two favs are SAFE.

Now, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson sing their controversial updated version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Time for Twitter trolls TO GET MAD ALL OVER AGAIN! Cry more, why don’t you. Two world class vocalists join forces!

Next, Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman pimp their NBC craft show, Making It. Ha. They build new “artisanal handcrafted” chairs for the coaches. It’s a wooden kitchen chair. With a doily covering the seat.  Amy busts out into “And I am Telling You” That was a cute bit.

Results: The remaining 8 artists take the stage. Marybeth Byrd made great friendships. “We all love each other so much,” she says. “One of the greatest blessings God has given me.” Moving on to the Top 8 would be a dream come true for Jake Hoot. America saved…from Team Blake…Ricky Duran!

Now, Meghan Trainor and Mike Sabath perform her new single “Wave.” Look at this white rapper dude with 70s hair and moustache. He’s wearing aviators and overalls. Huh.

Results: The remaining 7 artists take the stage.  Hello Sunday have grown even closer–almost magical! The deeply and truly care about each other! Shane’s dad would play music around the house and really loves that Billy Ocean song. America saved…from Team Legend…Kady Kadan! America also saved…from Team Kelly…Jake Hoot.

Results: The 5 remaining artists take the stage. Joana Martinez thanks her siblings for having her back. She misses them! Blakes positivity and help is really why Kat Hammock is still here, she says. America saved…Hello Sunday! America also saved…Kat Hammock.  Bottom 3: Marybeth Byrd, Shane Q, Joana Martinez. OK then. I predicted the bottom 3 100% correctly. I can’t imagine Marybeth won’t win the Instant Save.

Shane Q – Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack – Another bad song choice. He looks defeated tonight. Pitch problems galore. He sounds like he inhaled a bunch of helium. That was rough. Bye Shane. Blake liked the song choice. He’s surprised to see him there. Who would have taken his place, Blake. Kelly is also shocked. OK then. She calls his voice “incredible.” She hopes America votes for him.

Joana Martinez – Somebody I Used to Know – HOO BOY she’s totally off key. PAINFULLY PAINFULLY off key. This is a weird, weird song choice. C’mon. You’re saving your life here. Pick a song that hits people in the gut. And that you can sing in key.

Joana has had some very good performances. But this isn’t it. “You’re still team Blake to me in my mind,” he says. He harps on her age again. Gwen thinks America watched her grow right on stage. “America needs to vote!”

Marybeth Byrd – You Are the Reason by Leona Lewis – Marybeth would have to utterly bomb to lose this contest. I don’t love this song pick, but she’s got this. The last chorus is absolutely beautiful. So tender. Marybeth brought so much emotion to that performance. John is so proud of Marybeth. “You’ve given some of your best performances this week. I want America to reward that.”

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