The Voice Season 17 Top 11 Revealed: Who Eliminated? Marybeth Byrd 

The Voice 17 Top 11 Revealed

The Voice Season 17 Top 11

Top 11

Marybeth Byrd – Team Legend
Hello Sunday – Team Kelly
Rose Short – Team Gwen
Kat Hammock – Team Blake
Katie Kadan – Team Legend
Jake Hoot – Team Kelly
Myracle Holloway – Team Gwen
Ricky Duran – Team Blake
Will Breman – Team Legend
Shane Q – Team Kelly

Kelly and Gwen will perform with their teams tonight. Coach chat! Blake hopes his team learned to be ‘awesome” in Nashville. Also, his record label people are here tonight. John thinks America saw a lot of emotion last night…because DEDICATIONS. “You felt the power they brought to their performances.” Gwen says his girls are incredible. “They really inspired me today.” Kelly has been in these artist’s shoes! She tells her team “You have to pretend this is your final show.


RESULTS: You know what that means. Time for DUMB QUESTIONS. Oh. JAKE HOOT WAS THE MOST STREAMED ARTIST ON APPLE MUSIC. Hoo boy. Hello Sunday wants their parents to know how much they love them blah blah blah. Katie wants her fans to know…she likes to take long walks on the beach. Heh. Her girlfriends remind her that she’s great, even without a man. Ok. here we go…America saved…from Team Legend…Marybeth Byrd! America also saved…from Team Kelly…Hello Sunday! America also saved…from Team Gwen…Rose Short!

Team Gwen Stefani and her team, Rose ShortMyracle Holloway and Joana Martinez take the stage to sing “Good as Hell” by Lizzo.

Results: The remaining 10 artists take the stage. Ricky’s girlfriend is in the audience. He appreciates her support so much. She wouldn’t let him pull out of the competition, even though she had a stroke and was in he hospital. What a gal. America saved…from Team Blake…Kat Hammock! America also saved…from Team Legend…Katie Kadan!

Results: The remaining 8 artists take the stage. Will says his time on The Voice wouldn’t be possible without his mom. He talks as if he expects to be in the bottom. Jake hopes his time on The Voice teaches his daughter to have confidence in herself. America saved…from Team Kelly…Jake Hoot! America also saved…from Team Gwen…Myracle Holloway. Oh wow. There goes my prediction! America also saved…from Team Blake…Ricky Duran.

Next, Team Kelly Clarkson and her team, Hello SundayMax BoyleJake Hoot and Shane Q perform the Cranberries’ “Linger.” What a weird mixture of voices!

Results: The FIVE remaining artists take the stage. Joana wants to give a huge shoutout to her family and friends, in particular the art school she attends in Miami. Max wants his niece and nephew to grow up to believe in themselves. America saved…Will Breman!!! America also saved…Shane Q. WHAT THE HECK.

Max BoyleCali Wilson and Joana Martinez are in the Bottom 3!!! What is this effery.

Joana Martinez – Superwoman by Alicia Keys – Joana is back in her element tonight. She’s performing last and delivering a solid performance. She may have this. John loves her big powerful range. Gwen calls her performance mind blowing. “She is so fearless at her age,” says Gwen. “I am so honored to be your coach.”

Yep. Joana has this

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