The Voice Season 17 Episode 5 Blind Auditions Live Blog

The Voice 17 Recap: Blind Auditions 5 Live Blog

The Voice Season 17 Episode 5 

The Voice season 17 Blind Auditions continue with returning coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. In the wake of Adam Levine’s abrupt departure from the show, Blake gal-pal Gwen Stefani takes a seat on the panel.  Carson Daly returns as host. We’ll be live blogging all the Blind Audition performances right here.

Joana Martinez – 15 – Miami FL – Fifteen years old, she’s a sophomore in high school. Her dad, a drummer, is a big supporter. Jona’s superlative at her performing arts school: Most likely to win The Voice. Joana would LOVE to work with Kelly. We previewed this performance–click the link above. Jona has a very mature voice and she handles the mature subject matter of the song better than most kids her age would..  Kelly, Blake and Gwen turn. John calls it a “near perfect performance, but never explains why he didn’t turn. Blake calls the performance perfect. Indeed, the young singer has a full, unique, smokey voice. And her phrasing is well developed. Kelly suggests she open her eyes more, while Blake disagrees. He thinks what she’s doing is just right.  “Come with a coach that got 3 people in the finale last year,” says Blake. In the end, Joana Picks Blake Maybe she changed her mind because she fell for Blakes’ obsequiousness. Kelly wants to help make her a better singer and performer. Hm. 

Brooke Stephenson – 28 – Boulton CT – Let Him Fly by Patty Griffin – The singer lives in a little Colorado town and went to Berklee after she graduated.  She majored in music business, but realized it wasn’t her thing. She decided to take the leap and follow a performance career. Brooke’s tone hits like a freight train the minute she opens her mouth to sing. What a gorgeous voice! Blake, Kelly and Gwen hit their buttons. John is being super picky right now. Gwen calls her voice “soothing” and “calm.” That’s a thing she has said about several contestants so far. Kelly declares that she LOVES Patti Griffin. Brooke clarifies that she considers herself an Americana artist, rather than country. Kelly calls her voice beautiful and considers her “gifted.” Blake once again claims he won’t mess with her, while Kelly WILL challenge her. Gwen refers to her crazy long career. The thing Gwen, who just turned 50, always dances around, is that she’s had the longest career by far than anyone on the panel. Own it, Gwen! Brooke Picks Kelly. Yay! She wants to be challenged rather than have smoke blown up her butt. Oh. Brooke calls her a “strong woman in this industry.” YASSS.

Zach Bridges – 28 – Pearl MS – Ol’ ‘Red by Blake Shelton – Not only covering a Blake song, but a song that represents his bar business. Don’t bring shame on it Zach! The singer works at a VA hospital. The regular hours allow him time to gig at night. He didn’t pick up guitar until 20 years of age. He’s got a Youtube channel. His voice doesn’t really project? He’s solid, but nothing special. Ha. He’ll be sacrificed in the Battles. Blake turns, and then predictably, Gwen hits hers. This is the thing. When it looks like a one chair turn for Blake, Gwen turns just to serve the TV drama. I mean, she literally has ZERO chance with this guy and she knows it. “I’m going to fight you!” she says.  Zzzzz. “Stay over there!” says Blake. “Until tonight!” Gwen shoots back. I’M BEGGING YOU STAAAHPPP. Gwen pretty much admits during her speil that she’s not at all serious. John’s only problem is the “song selection.” Har har. Blake gets serious and tells the story behind the song. It’s a very important song to Blake. It took some guts to sing it, I’ll give Zach that. Of course, Blake Picks Zach

Elliemae – 21 – Jerome ID – Merry Go Round – She grew up on a dairy farm. They started with three, and now they have 3,000.  She feels the pressure to work on the farm, and she appreciates the support her family has given her, but she really wants to pursue music. She getting montaged a bit. Her performance is pleasant, nobody is turning, until Blake hits his button. Gwen looks shocked. What, no button push Gwen? Kelly loves her tone and song selection, “You have the best coach,” she says. I like her voice. I’m surprised she didn’t receive more turns. 

Callie Lee – 27 – Atlanta GA – No Excuses – She works at a gas station convenience store. She wakes up at 3:45 am every day. God bless her. Her family has struggled financially always. Her mom did her best to provide. Callie looks up to her. She’s not the best vocalist, but she’s got personality. Oh. She probably should have not tried those high notes. She couldn’t really reach them. Therefore, No Turns. John calls the song “challenging.” Kelly was concerned about her breath control. 

Jessie Lawrence – 31 – Newark NJ – All or Nothing – He works as a commercial painter. There were dark times in his childhood–he lived in a series of group homes. He was lonely. Singing and dancing saved him. Gwen turns her chair. I’m a little surprised Gwen hit her button, actually. He’s a by-the-books soul singer. But Gwen found him genuine, so there is that. Kelly is waiting for a female. 

Brennen Henson – 21 – Flint MI – Riptide – Brennen notes the diversity in Flint, but the water crisis in 2014, was a challenge. He hopes to bring a positive light to the city. Singing helped with his confidence. He considers himself an alternative artist. He has his eye on Gwen. Brennen has a nice tone. He needs to bring it a little harder, which he eventually does. His passion is infectious. But nevertheless, Gwen turns and THEN OF COURSE AT THE LAST MINUTE BLAKE.  Blargh. We’re currently living in predictableville. Gwen’s dad is from 8 Mile. So there Blake. “You’re so cute!” she gushes. He’s a songwriter, and Gwen loves that. Oh noes Blake is jealous. EYES ROLL. And again, Blake pretty much admits that he’s not serious at all. Brennan picks Gwen

Jared Herzog – 21 – Niceville FL – Speechless by Dan + Shay – His girlfriend, Cree, is a huge The Voice fan. Auditioning for the show was her Valentines Gift. He’s a senior at Lee University, where season 9 winner Jordan Smith attended.  He studied classical music. Jordan calls in to encourage him! His voice is very…whispery. Finally John hits his button, along with Blake and Gwen. John not hitting his button is a thing tonight. I’m not sure why John was suddenly move. Jared was just…OK. John loved his controlled breathiness. Jared took the audience on a journey, he says. Jared turned the song pop, which impressed Kelly. Blake calls him a great singer, even if he isn’t actually country. “You pick me, you get Blake,” says Gwen. “You pick me, you get Chrissy! We’ll invite you over for dinner,” says John. Heh. Jared Picks John. “I wanted to work with you for a long time,” he says.

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