The Voice Season 15 Top 8 Revealed Tonight

The Voice Season 15 Top 8

The Voice Season 15 Top 10 performed LIVE last night for your votes

The Voice Season 15 Top 8 iTunes Charts 

3. Sarah Grace – Amazing Grace

Sarah Grace Performs "Amazing Grace" – The Voice 2018 Live Top 10 Performances

4. Kirk Jay – Tomorrow

Kirk Jay Performs "Tomorrow" – The Voice 2018 Live Top 10 Performances

16. MaKenzie Thomas – Because You Loved Me

Makenzie Thomas Performs "Because You Loved Me" – The Voice 2018 Live Top 10 Performances

26. Kymberli Joye –  Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)
28. Chevel Shepherd – You’re Looking at Country
49. Kennedy Holmes –  Me Too

Kennedy Holmes Performs "Me Too" – The Voice 2018 Live Top 10 Performances

52. Dave Fenley – When You Say Nothing At All
65. Chris Kroeze – Callin’ Baton Rouge
116. Reagan Strange – Cry
DeAndre Nico – That’s What I Like

The four remaining artists take the stage. Well….still no Reagan Strange. Dave’s dad sang in a gospel quartet. He was a big musical inspiration. Kymberli feels so close to everyone in the competition. “We feel like family.” America saved…Kymberli Joye from Team Kelly! 

Dave Fenley, Rachel Strange and DeAndre Nico are in the bottom three. BUT HERE’S THE THING. Reagan is too sick to sing. Only Dave and DeAndre will sing for the save. BUT Y’ALL CAN STILL VOTE FOR RACHEL. Hoo boy. Unless she receives massive pity votes, Reagan is done.  

Dave Fenley – Amazed by Lonestar –  Dave sings a popular country ballad, with feeling. It’s sounds off key and forced in spots. Kelly calls the song choice “smart.” She loves his tone, calling it “big and round.”. Calls it the “blanket of goodness.” Blake says “Everytime you get on stage, your voice absolutely floors me. God gave you this gift and it’s on display each time you sing.” He just can’t understand how he ended up in the bottom 3. 

DeAndre Nico – All of Me by John Legend  –  This is a credible, if straight ahead rendition of the song.. He’s no John Legend. Not sure if that was enough to save him. I’d call it a draw. Jennifer says he sings like he meant every single word. Adam calls him an “exquisite” singer. Still can’t believe he’s in the bottom. Adam puts in a big word for Reagan who cannot sing. “I don’t know if I have the heart…I have a very special relationship with Reagan.” WOW HE’S THROWING DEANDRE UNDER THE BUS. WOW WOW WOW. YOU SUCK ADAM LOL. He’s literally telling people to vote for Rachel and not DeAndre. Unbelievable.

The Voice Season 15 Top 8
Reagan Strange – Team Adam  – Instant Save

Chris Kroeze – Team Blake  Public's vote
Sarah Grace – Team Kelly – Public's vote
Kymberli Joye – Team Kelly  Public's vote
Kennedy Holmes – Team Jennifer  – Public's vote
MacKenzie Thomas – Team Jennifer – Public's vote
Kirk Jay – Team Blake  – Public's vote
Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly – Public's vote

The Voice Season 15 Top 10 eliminated

Dave Fenley – Team Blake  

DeAndre Nico – Team Adam  

Viewers reacted to The Voice Season 15 Top 8

Dodie Porter Love Sarah Grace!! I am not going to insult any of the other performers. They have all worked so hard to be where they are. Even the ones that I find difficult to listen to, can sing way better than I ever could!! 
May they all have success after this season is over!

Michelle Kerns Frazier MacKenzie is definitely in a league of her own if that girl doesn’t win something is wrong with this worlds ears!!!
Soo talented!

Val Stafford Sarah Grace is a force to be reckoned with. She ROCKED Amazing Grace!!! That kid is going places!

Denise Kline I think Reagan and Dave might be gone tonight. I like them both, but I think the other artists were a little stronger last night.

Sam Dickson What should happen is that Sarah Grace and Dave leave tonight. However, Team Blake skates right by to the finals unscathed for some idiotic reason when his team just is not good every season, so what will actually happen is that Dave stays and someone like DeAndre, who should be in the finals—will leave.

Avis D Matthews

The Voice Season 15 Top 8 , woa my 86-year-old father has me watching "The Voice"! With that said … I didn't at all mind Sarah Grace's re-working of "Amazing Grace," on principle. I do mind all the vocal and physical affectations that take the attention off the song, itself, and focus it on her over-the-top facial expressions — a trend that is tired, weak, and worn (to borrow from another great hymn). Could hardly understand the words. Let the song lead.

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