The Voice Season 15 Top 13 Revealed : Live Playoffs Results

The Voice 15 Live Playoffs Results: Top 13 Revealed

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The Voice Season 15 Top 13

The Voice season 15 Live Playoffs Results. Team Adam Levine, Team Blake Shelton, Team Kelly Clarkson and Team Jennifer Hudson will cut their teams in half tonight. The top 2 vote getters from each team automatically advance to the finals. Each coach will choose one singer to round out their teams.
Then, the two singers from Kelsea Ballerini’s The Comeback Stage digital series will sing for the Instant Save to complete the Top 13.

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The Voice Season 15 Top 13 revealed:

Kirk Jay – Team Blake (America saved)
Chris Kroeze – Team Blake (America saved)
Dave Foley – Team Blake (Blake Saved)
DeAndre Nico – Team Adam (America saved)
Reagan Strange – Team Adam (America saved)
Tyke James – Team Adam (Adam saved)
Lynnea Moore – Team Kelly (Comeback winner – Lynnea chose)
MacKenzie Thomas – Team Jennifer (America saved)
Kennedy Holmes – Team Jennifer (America saved)
SandyRedd – Team Jennifer (Jennifer saved)
Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly (America saved)
Sarah Grace – Team Kelly (America saved)
Kymberli Joye – Team Kelly (Kelly saved)

The Voice Season 15 eliminated

Michael Lee – Team Blake
Funsho – Team Blake
Nastasia Greycloud – Team Blake
Kameron Marlowe – Team Adam
Steve Memmolo – Team Adam
RADHA – Team Adam
Ayanna Joni – Comeback Stage
Colton Smith – Team Jennifer
Patrique Fortson – Team Jennifer
Franc West – Team Jennifer
Zaxai – Team Kelly
Keith Paluso – Team Kelly
Abby Cates – Team Kelly

Viewer react to The Voice Season 15 Top 13

Linda Hand Bean I can't stand this format! Just doesn't seem fair to cut performers in half after only one night of live performances. I'd rather see less time through blinds, battle, knock-out & allow these folks (& those voting) a few minutes longer for each to be live!

Kerri Glover So you are not advancing the top vote getters, but the top two from each team? That’s not fair to the most talented singers. No wonder the quality of this show has declined — first, you started allowing children, now this.

Dale Smith This bringing back 2 losers that didn't turn a chair is the stupidest idea ever!! Meanwhile good singers that competed and we're good just got sent home!!! Thanks for ruining another great show

Melissa New Well the comebacks absolutely suck smh.. now you know they could find more talent smh Kelsi ummm no.. love The Voice Season 15 Top 13 results tonight

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