The Voice Season 15 Top 11 Live Blog Tonight – Donald Trump – American Idol – America`s Got Talen

The Voice Season 15 Top 11 Live Blog Tonight

The Voice Season 15 Top 11

The Voice Season 15 Top 11 take the stage tonight for YOUR VOTES. Find out what the finalists will be singing right here.

The Voice season 15 iTunes studio recordings are here!  But there are NOTABLE changes. Only Apple Music Streams will count as votes

The Voice Season 15 Top 11 Song Spoilers

Reagan Strange – Team Adam Levine – Complicated : ITunes Download

Dave Fenley – Team Blake Shelton – Use Me : ITunes Download

Kymberli Joye – Team Kelly Clarkson – Break Every Chain  – Single – ITunes Download

Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly Clarkson – Space Cowboy – Single – ITunes Dowload 

Kirk Jay – Team Blake Shelton – Body Like A Back Road  – ITunes Dowload 

Chris Kroeze – Team Blake Shelton – Long Train Runnin’ – ITunes Download

Kennedy Holmes – Team Jennifer Hudson – Greatest Love Of All – ITunes Download

Sarah Grace – Team Kelly Clarkson – Dog Days Are Over – Single – ITunes Download

DeAndre Nico – Team Adam Levine – Cry For You  – Single – Itunes Download

MaKenzie Thomas – Team Jennifer Hudson – Emotion  – ITunes Download

Lynnea Moorer – Team Kelly Clarkson – Consequences – ITunes Downoad


The Voice Top 11 Live Blog

Use Me by Bill Withers – Lee Brice, whose song Dave covered last week, sent a shout out video to the singer. Dave says the song choice is different than anything he’s done on the show, but it allows him to show his soulful side.  The country singer had showed off his beatboxing during his Blind Audition. So he’ll be featuring that during his performance tonight. Well, as far as the beatboxing goes–he’s no Blake Lewis. Heh. The song is a little out of his lower range. Dave does have a soulful side, but I’m not sure this song is going to change his status as back bencher. He riffs a bit with the drummer at one point. He’s beatboxing, but it’s barely audible, and his vocal riffing has frog-like qualities. He’s literally out of breath by the time he’s finished. Hm. Adam is speechless. lol. “That was wild. It makes me happy to see you doing whatever you want.” He commends him for taking chances. Blake says, “You just had that dude…congratulations.” 

Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly Clarkson – Space Cowboy by Kacey Musgraves – Small town gal Chevel CAN’T BELIEVE she has fans. She loves having little girls look up to her. She feels the song is mix of old and contemporary. She decides to kick the key up a half-step and Kelly urges her to use her vibrato. The video background looks like floating potato chips. It’s a little distracting! But this is a very pretty rendition. Chevel has a ton of potential! Oh butterflies have replaced the potato chips. Heh. Her intonation is really good, she hits those notes really cleanly. Her head voice is gorgeous. And good job on that key change, kiddo. Kelly wanted her to go for the big note. “You nailed it!” She compliments Chevel’s storytelling. 

Reagan Strange – Team Adam Levine – Complicated by Avril Lavigne –  Reagan was totally surprised to be most streamed artist last week. Her fans call themselves “strangers.” Reagan loves her fan’s song choice. Adam warns the song is “deceptively hard.” She’s looking forward to having a fun moment on stage. She seems a little awkward working the stage. She doesn’t know what to do with her hands! But vocally, this is solid, if a little dull. I mean, she’s smiling her way through a song that’s pretty angsty. She also struggles with breath control a bit. Carson calls it “plain fun.” Blake says there is “a ton of charisma.” And that she “sings perfectly.” She “continues to impress” Adam. He truly believes she can win the entire competition and also be a “tremendous star.” No coach does hyperbole like Adam!

ITunes Download

Break Every Chain by Tasha Cobbs – A little girl from Kymberli’s church dressed up as her. “I cried all night,” Kymberli says. As far as the song choice is concerned, she sings it at church all the time. Kelly suggests more head voice, and those are all her notes! Connor from Alberta Canada just LOVES Kymberli. Unsurprisingly, Kymberli is SINGING THE CRAP out of this gospel joint. She’s so good, but it seems like she’s lagging behind a bit. Hopefully this Jesus song keeps her SAFE HALLELUJAH! Magnificent. Kelly and Jennifer are on their feet, totally freaking out. Heh. It ends with all four judges standing. “Sister Kymberli…opened up the doors of that church,” says Jennifer. Kelly says her bold, round tone is from God. She compares her to Jennifer.  Oh. Kymberli wants to sing gospel music after the show. That is TOTALLY doable. 

Body Like a Back Road by Sam Hunt – Kirk’s mom flew to LA and it was her first plane ride. He wants to show people he can dance a little. But he’ll begin at the keyboard. Blake says every time Kirk takes the stage he gives a Grammy-worthy performance. Oh. The dude from Lonestar reached out to him this week. There’s a big fan party going on in Montgomery. They introduce the song. Kirk’s tone is SO pure and his vocals effortless. He shines on the ballads, but he’s handling this uptempo song ably. His intonation is perfect, and he delivers runs like a pro. Seriously, I can hear Kirk on the radio. Blake calls him “incredible” and “one of a kind” and begs the audience to vote. But, really–begging is unnecessary. 

Long Train Runnin by The Doobie Brothers – The entire small Wisconsin town he’s from is behind him. There was a “Chris Kroeze dress up day” at his old elementary school And he’s gotten some shoutouts from troops he’s entertained overseas. He thanks his fans for the “perfect” song choice. He’s country with southern and classic rock influences, he says. Blake warns him to stay on key. Another party–in Barron Wisconsin. The host introduces the song. His wife and kids are there too.  The rendition is a little karaoke. He gets a guitar solo, though. Impressive. His super-raspy voice is suited to this 70’s classic. I just wish he’d made the cover more his own–which is a thing he typically does. Blake calls the performance “incredible” and that folks in Barron are likely freaking out. 

MaKenzie’s fan, from Houston, is VERY EFFUSIVE. Her Tennessee hometown has been very supportive. She wants to be a Christian singer with a soulful vibe. Jennifer thinks it’s VERY important that MaKenzie stay “true to who she is.” So I guess it’s gonna be adult contemporary stylings until the end of her time on the show… MaKenzie’s ad libs are very…tasteful.

Her vocal riffs sound a little too well plotted. She needs to let loose a little. But maybe that would be staying “true to herself.” Jennifer says, “You are so skilled! This is your lane.” She thinks Destiny’s Child (who covered the song) AND the Bee Gees will be proud. Jennifer compares her voice to “butter.”

ITunes Download

Adam thinks the song will allow him to go “full DeAndre.” A “perfect” selection, she says. “Every moment should be exciting,” Adam advises. Port Arthur viewing party! For the performance DeAndre goes full on major sexy. His vocal is PASSIONATE and the build up to the end is beautifully crafted.

A very strong performance from DeAndre. A few folks in the audience may be pregnant. Not really, but you know what I mean.  “I feel like I was in the neighborhood!” says Jennifer. “You took me back.” Adam believes that DeAndre has “all the elements.” He admires his drive. “I’m so proud of you brother,” he says. 

Greatest Love of All by George Benson (Whitney Houston) – Kennedy’s eighth grade class supports her. Jennifer says, like Whitney, Kennedy has a natural ability to “caress” the notes. Jennifer gives young Kennedy a step by step guide on how to phrase and deliver the song. And end the performance with a “Whitney bow” says Jennifer. “Your fans will go crazy.” Kennedy is dressed up like a Miss America contestant, with long gown and updo. Her vocals are beautiful, but this is, basically, Whitney karaoke. Covering Whitney is one thing, but directing her to do a “tribute” is another. An updated version of the song could have been compelling.  “I am just so proud of you,” says Jennifer, “Mama Whitney is up there proud of you.” 

Viewer reactions:

KL Bourque I am a big Lindsey Buckingham and pre-2018 Fleetwood Mac fan. This cover was so bad. Who chose the song, because this song did NOT fit this group of singers at all. Rhiannon is sung with Stevie Nicks as the lead and in this cover, you had 3 males taking turns singing lead?

Kristie Verdesoto Reagan is AWESOME!!! She could DEFINITELY win this season!! There's a few other people that have PHENOMENAL voices too that could win as well!!! It's gonna be a REALLY good season!

Mary Elder That wasn't a very good performance I think they could have picked a better song than that Adam Levine was pretty good singer but not on this one he should have said no whoever told him to sing this one

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