The Voice Cross Battles 2019: Kendra Checketts Sings Cold Water

Kendra Checketts: “Cold Water” – The Voice Cross Battles 2019

Team Adam's Kendra Checketts battles Jimmy Mowery with "Cold Water" in The Voice Cross Battles.

Kendra takes the stage first with “Cold Water.”  I love the tone of her voice, good solid start.  She is killing this, hitting powerful, solid notes.  Her voice is hauntingly beautiful.  Moving around the stage, and not losing a beat.  Big, big note hit perfectly, quiet tender ending.  Nice job, three coaches on their feet.  One of the better ones tonight.

Jimmy Mowry is singing Mercy.  Good song choice let’s see what he does with it.  I don’t like this guy’s voice.  I’m sorry but this is horrible.  It’s not on key and it  sounds like he’s straining his voice.  He does hit some big notes but this just sounds messy to me.  Ewww off key in the chorus too.  Gets better at the end, but overall not very good.  I think Kendra took that.  But Adam and John are both on their feet so maybe it’s just me.  Adam says Kendra has one of the most powerful, and beautiful voices in this competition.  She’s amazing to watch.  John tells Jimmy he’s proud of him, he made great choices.  Blake brags on Kendra.  Kelly thinks Kendra’s tone is super-captivating, and the pain bleeds through her voice.  She was a surprise for Kelly tonight.

Team Kelly after the break (only John & Blake have artists left).

Kelly picks Rebecca Howell, and she challenges John Legend.  John only has one artist left, and that’s Beth.  Wow, poor Rebecca.

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