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The Voice season 20 Blind Auditions begin with returning coaches Blake SheltonKelly Clarkson and John LegendNick Jonas rejoins the panel after a season off. Carson Daly returns as host

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Zae Romeo – Falling by Harry Styles – 21 – McKinney TX – We previewed this audition earlier today. Check it out HERE. He ended up in foster care at 3 years old with his siblings. Some homes were OK, others not so much. His family was kept together, and finally they were all adopted together when Zae was 6. His adoptive family is “amazing.” But in high school, his self esteem was so low, he left home without telling his parents. He found posters of himself around town and he realized that he was really loved. Zae is tentative at first, but he eventually opens up. Despite some pitchy stuff, he displays a lovely way with phrasing and vibrato. He’s very emotional. Eventually Zae is a 4 chair turn, and the fight begins. John loved his vibrato in the lower notes. Nick namechecks Labrinth. Zae loves that artist. Kelly thinks she can help his breath work. But what’s important to her is how he expresses emotion. But in the end, Zae picks Nick. The Labyrinth mention did it for Zae! – 4 chair turn, Zae picks Nick

Ethan Lively – You Look so Good in Love by George Strait – 17 – Coalfield TN – Ethan is a teen, but he talks like a middle aged smoker. His family lives paycheck to paycheck. He works two jobs PLUS the farm. No school? Oh he is in high school. He also sings festivals and local concerts. His singing voice is smoother than his speaking voice. Ethan sings with a pleasant tone. Is that Kelly singing along with him? Even after the key change, nobody hits their button. Until Blake finally relents. John says he sounds like he’s 57 years old. Blake notes that Ethan was 7 years old when The Voice started. Blake loves when hopefuls cover George Strait. Kelly calls him “charming” she says, “stay exactly as you are.” The coaches start up the Hollywood thing again. Now, they are just calling each other Hollywood as a diss – Only Blake turned


Gean Garcia – 19 – McAllen TX –  The episode kicks off with a super-secret audition. We don’t see the singer at first! Blake is the first to turn, followed by Nick. OH BLAKE BLOCKED NICK. Dang. Kelly also turns. AND NOW we see why the show hid the singer initially. The female sounding vocal most definitely belongs to a man. A Black man who sounds like a white girl ballady singer. In his package, Gean explains that he’s grew up in New York City, and his dad is a well known Spanish Christian singer in South America.  He started touring with dad, and eventually the recorded a song together.  Gean loves Spanish music, but he loves all kind of music.  Blake denies it. Nick calls him a bully while Kelly calls him a liar. Nick immediately begins advocating for Kelly. She calls Gean’s voice “beautifully broken.” Blake feels “passionate” about Gean’s voice. He uses his big boy words, calling his voice “melancholy.”  He LOVES his voice. In the end, Gean picks Team Kelly – Blake, Nick and Kelly turn. Blake Blocks Nick, Gean picks Kelly


Aaron Konzelman – Ordinary World by Duran Duran – 39 – Waco TX – His parents were praise an worship singer-songwriters back in the 70s. His dad bought a farm and built a studio inside. He met his wife at college. She sings too. Eventually, they had kids. Now, he’s mostly got day jobs. His daughter is a huge fan of The Voice. Maybe she can audition when she’s old enough. He accompanies himself on the guitar with a raspy, high voice. He’s a little generic, but emotive. I’m getting super 90’s vibes from Aaron with both his song choice and vocal style. Blake and John both turn. Everyone is ganging up on Blake tonight. He says Aaron has more in common with Blake. John notes his vocal is raspy and angelic at the same time. John’s specificity may rule the day. Blake calls the rest of the panel “Hollywood” as a diss. The rest say it’s Blake whose Hollywood because Gwen Stefani. Is it me, or does that come off like they’re shading Gwen? They may not realize it, to be honest. Aaron picks Blake – John and Blake turn, Aaron picks Blake


Carolina Rial – Stay With Me by Sam Smith on the Voice Blind Auditions 2021– 17 – Ridgefield NJ – She grew up surrounded by music. Jennifer Hudson reposted one of her Instagram songs, and it went viral. Her mom is from Bolivia and her dad from Spain. At age 3, her dad passed away from cancer. Mom was left alone to raise 3 kids. She has a beautiful tone, but her style is a little affected. She should dial it back a little. John and and Nick turn right away. She’s the opposite of effortless, riffing everywhere, throwing in high notes. She’s oversinging, it’s a little too much. Nick notes the power in her upper register. John calls her performance a “tour de force.” Kelly mentions that she riffs to much. Exactly. Kelly thinks John could really help her.

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Madison Marigold – If The World Was Ending by Julia Michaels – 21 – Santa Clarita CA – Her mom is a clothes importer. Madison learned Chinese, to help out her mom I guess? She posted a cover of a Chinese hit. She ended up opening for Demi in China. This is a nice performance, but no button hits so far. But unfortunately, it’s an emotional song, and she just didn’t connect. Blake thought she bit off too much for a blind audition. Nick noted her good technique, but he felt it never took off. Kelly kept waiting for her to “go up.” – No Turns

Corey Ward – Dancing on My Own by Robyn – 34 – Hartsville SC – Corey was a season 19 no chair turn. Now he’s back! He admits that he was very nervous. He’s been practicing every day! He purposely picked a “heartstrings” song. His mom was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. He’s crying. Dang, that’s rough. John and Kelly turn immediately. This time, Corey is very grounded in his performance. Emotional and his tone is so raspy and compelling. I’m surprised more didn’t turn, to be honest. Corey learned to stay true to himself. He loves Damien Rice and James Arthur. John felt Corey gave the song a whole new meaning. But Corey picks Kelly. John and Kelly turn, Corey picks Kelly I don’t think either coach remembered Corey from last time.

Devan Blake Jones – Hard Place by H.E.R. – 35 – Denver CO – Devan competed on American Idol season 11 and 12, but never got past Hollywood/Las Vegas rounds. He’s hoping that Nick turns. He works as a client manager for a tech firm. He collects plants. And names them. Ten years ago, he joined an Afro Beat band. He began singing in different languages. His dad worked in housekeeping. Both his parents worked very hard. Devan tears up thinking about it. He accompanies himself on guitar. There are pitch problems that might be nerves. But he has a sweet tenor and good phrasing. He improves on the chorus. Nick is the only turn. So that worked out. Kelly was waiting for another level. Yeah, he was holding back. Nick loves his upper register. – Only Nick turns

Raine Stern – 22 – Madison WI – Next, it’s one of those Blind Auditions that doesn’t show the singer immediately. She’s playing an electric guitar, and has an interesting voice. But nobody turns, until John, Blake and Nick finally hit their buttons. She’s a real good guitar player! And she rocks out without sounding old fashioned. She performed with a 9 piece band. She writes and arranges all the music! She’s a black sheep in small town. At a young age, she knew she was a “queer kid.” She learned music at the feet of more experienced blues players. She plays a bunch of instruments! Blake calls her a “rare find.” Nick will fight for her! Nick loves being creative. John loves her creative energy. Blake, Nick and John turn, Raine picks Nick. Actually, I think that’s a good choice.

Cam Anthony – Lay Me Down by Sam Smith – 19 – Philadelphia PA – He grew up in North Philly, where there was a lot of violence. He was always protecting himself in school. Church was an escape. He started putting up videos on Youtube as a kid. He became a viral star. Ellen DeGeneres, President Obama all invited him to sing at the Easter Egg Roll. He’s hoping that John turns. He has a beautiful falsetto. Very nice. He’s got a bit of a rasp and a quavering vibrato. OH NICK BLOCKED JOHN OOPS. Blake turns too. John compliments Cam’s runs. He had a plan to steal him. Blake promises NOT to pick anybody else who is not in his lane. To be honest, Nick’s pitch is pretty lame. He acts like a cheap clairvoyant. “I sense you have a close knit family….ah!” Also, Nick calls Blake “stale.” Ohhhh. CLIFFHANGER. And Cam picks BLAKE! That “open lane” promise was tempting. Plus, Nick’s pitch was not good. Blake’s gift to team members…is a Jonah Hill bobble head. Ok then – Nick blocks John, Blake turns, Cam picks Blake

Christine Cain – Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles – 27 – Pasadena CA – Christine hopes that Nick turns for her, because she believes he can take her out of her comfort zone. She’s wanted to be an artist forever. She loved dancing. Unfortunately, kids bullied her for her weight. The Voice is her 4th performance ever. I like her song pick. She’s putting a soul twist on a pop song, which is cool. She’s obviously nervous, though. She needs more confidence and a little more oomph. Plus, there is some pitchy stuff. John turns first, followed by Kelly. John was captured by his tone, and energy of her voice. Hm. Kelly loved her “whole vibe.” – Kelly and John Turn, Christine picks John After wanting Nick, I’m surprised Christine didn’t choose Kelly. So John’s team gift is a little song that he makes up on the spot.

Madison Curbelo – Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin – 18 – Westfield MA – Madison has struggled with a stutter. Because singing emanates from a different part of the brain, singing gives stutterers relief. Madison was no exception. However, she seems to have the issue under control at this point. Yikes. She puts on a little Jamaican patois as she sings this corny song from the 80s. Nope. She has a nice tone, but this song choice should sink her. And it does. The judges agree that she needs more experience.

Pete Mroz sings Can’t Find My Way Home by Blind Faith for his The Voice Blind Auditions 2021 performance tonight – 45 – Nashville TN – He’s a sales rep for men’s golf apparel. He drives around to golf courses and pro shops. He plays for his customers sometimes. At 19 he pursued country music. He was in a group called the Young Riders. But now, he’s a family man. Although, he does gig here and there. I like his voice a lot! He seems like a classic rock guy, though. He should try some contemporary stuff. But to be honest, he’s probably past his sell by date at this point. John and Blake turn. John compliments his energy. Oh. Blake knows him. OH THEY WERE IN THAT GROUP TOGETHER AND HE DIDN’T”T RECOGNIZE HIM SAD. Blake says, “I haven’t seen this guy in 25 years.!” Blake stole his bass player. Whoops. The coaches think Pete should retaliate for bass theft and pick John. John and Blake turn. Pete picks his old buddy Blake.

Kenzie Wheeler sings Don’t Close Your Eyes by Keith Whitley – 22 – Dover FL – He has a dang mullet. Right off that bat, he’s hard to take seriously YET. The parents want Blake to turn, but they really all they want IS A TURN. He got serious about music in 10th grade. He’s opened for some big acts. Uh oh Kelly uses her block button. John turns second. Nick turns. And then Blake OOOOPS BLOCKED. He’s got a that nice country tone with a twang and a nasally sound.  Blake, who once sported a hideous mullet, calls Kezie’s a “killer mullett.” Everybody loves that Blake is blocked. Nick is back with his little book of notes. He’s got receipts. All hell is breaking loose between Kelly and Nick. John had a country singer on his team last season, and he had no idea what to do with her. Kelly is probably the best pick here. She won with a country 1 chair turn (Jake Hoot, season 17). Blake, mad that Kelly blocked him is TEAM NICK. – 4 chair turn, Kelly blocks Blake, Kenzie picks Kelly

Dana Monique – Freeway of Love by Aretha Franklin – 41 – Houston TX – This performance is old fashioned, but Nick hits his button right away. John is next. She’s got a growly, expressive voice. I just don’t like this song choice. She was a headliner on the Holland America cruises. I’m not surprised. Dana had hard times. She got divorced. She and her two kids lost their home and were sleeping in the car. At that point, she had to abandon music. Her kids are adults now, they wish her good luck remotely. Nick calls her “exceptional.” John calls her “powerful and energetic.” Kelly explains that she loses a lot to John, that’s why she didn’t turn. John accuses Blake of using reverse psychology on her, before launching into a Chaka Khan ditty to sway her. All Nick has–he hit his button first. And UNBELIEVABLY Dana chooses Nick. Blake says she’ll make the Today show tomorrow if she chooses the unexpected. Welp HELLO HODA. Nick and John turn. Dana picks Nick Nick gifts his team members with their very own Nicks Notes.

Nick Jonas returns and all of the coaches are excited to celebrate the show’s 10th anniversary as The Voice Blind Auditions begin.

Nick Jonas is back as he joins fellow Coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton with gifts, trash-talk and fun. Season 20 of The Voice premieres Monday, March 1 at 8/7c on NBC.

Viewer react to The Voice Blind Auditions 2021

Liz Petersen
Totally hate the format. Blake should have more than 1 person in the finals. He has the best team. Gonna think twice about watching next season unless the format goes back to the way it was. Blake shouldn’t be punished because he picks the best singers

Eileen Duffy
Ian has the most distinct different voice I’m hoping either Ian or Jim wins. Carter is good but I feel like he’s too young and needs to mature more.

Linda Maureen Durham
You have changed things up. Instead of calling out the most votes per artist you are calling out the most votes per team making it more about the coaches. This is wrong.

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