Top 10 BEST The Voice Battles 2019 Rounds Performances Video

Battle Pairings Revealed! Your Fave Blind Auditions Are Going Head-to-Head – The Voice Battles 2019

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The Voice Battles 2019 Rounds 

The Voice season 17 Battle start with returning coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. In the wake of Adam Levine’s abrupt departure from the show, Blake gal-pal Gwen Stefani takes a seat on the panel.  Carson Daly returns as host.

Destiny Rayne Battles Katie Kadan, performing "Tiny Dancer" during The Voice The Battles

Destiny Rayne vs Katie Kadan – Team Legend – Tiny Dancer by Elton John – Welp. Teasers have already spoiled a steal, so… Katie admits  a crush on Usher as a teen. “I came to coach winners but I’m happy I’m working with legends,” Usher quips. Blake blocked Kelly during Katie’s blind. Destiny works two jobs in Nashville is newly engaged. John is surprised by her ability to belt. Usher is also impressed by her ability to go there.

But Katie has a huge voice, he acknowledges. This is kind of a weird song choice for both. Probably why both struggle a little in rehearsal. Usher is expecting a moment. During the stage rehearsal, John is pumping his fist. This is another odd match up. Destiny sings pop, while Katie belts blues. Both are doing their best to come together there. But. Nope. Katie’s voice is too bellowy for my taste. Destiny reaches for notes that are just a bit beyond her. Both will probably do better with songs that suit them. Gwen felt Destiny held her own against the big voiced Katie. Kelly felt both singers made room for each other. Blake also compliments Destiny for rising to the occasion. John Picks KatieBlake steals Destiny. At the last minute, so of course, right on cue and most annoyingly, Gwen Steals Destiny too. “This is going to be so fun!” says Kelly. No. No it’s not. Blah blah blah blah blah blah, Destiny Picks Gwen. Hm. I would have gone with Blake. His track record is so much better. 

Breathing by Ariana Grande – Myracle has been around for while, she shared about drug addiction and childhood abuse. Elise is a vocal coach and covered Lady Gaga in her Blind–a one chair turn. Will is really impressed with Elise. Gwen turns a few of the harmony parts into solos. Gwen and Will bring up Myracle’s background. She tears up about her “childhood stuff.” This is going to be a running theme, obviously. And Will and Myracle are about the same age and grew up in the same LA neighborhood. He wonders why he made it in the business and she didn’t.

There wasn’t much vocal mentoring in that segment! Before the performance, Gwen does a style segment with the singers. Never forget Gwen’s cow outfits for the American Idol contestants way back when. Elise will lose this battle. She’s obvious fodder. But I like her dusky tone a lot. She makes some creative choices here. Myracle brings experience and pro instincts to this battle. Kelly was impressed with Elise’s control. But she wants a record from Myracle. Blake thought both had great moments. He felt Myracle’s pain–he’d go with her. John also liked both. He wants more vocal risks from Myracle. Gwen Picks MyracleElise is Eliminated.

Alex Guthrie vs Injoy Fountain – Team Kelly – Home by Marc Broussard – Kelly felt that two soulful singers would be a perfect match. Injoy toured with Rent. She has a young daughter. Not said: She auditioned for the American Idol judges last year. Alex plays in a blues band. The song choice seems tailor made for him. He’s been playing the song for years,  Injoy has never heard the song before. In rehearsal, though, she sounds pretty good.

And Injoy helped Alex move without a guitar. Kelly and Normani tell him more eye contact and movement. And for Injoy–trust yourself, watch your pitch. And for both: Bring attitude! Create a great moment. Kelly will pick the singer who brings the boldest moment. Ha. In the performance, Alex has no idea what to do with his hands. Injoy is bringing a growly performance. I think she’s dominating. But Alex is bringing it as well. Blake feels Alex could have been more aggressive. He calls Injoy infectious. John agrees, He didn’t get a sense of Alex’s personality. He loved Injoy. Gwen disagrees, she felt Alex took charge of the stage. The pairing was a mismatch in the end. Injoy’s big voice was going to dominate by default. Kelly Picks Alex. Really? Injoy is Eliminated Obviously Injoy was cannon fodder from the get-go. The song pick made that obvious. Injoy still killed it, but Kelly’s mind was already made up, methinks.  

Your favorite artists from the Blind Auditions are taking the stage in the most amazing Battle Rounds of the season.

Taping 1:

Team Kelly:

Alex Guthrie vs. Injoy Fountain – Home (Marc Broussard)

The coaches apparently chose Injoy, but Kelly sent Alex through. Source was surprised no one stole Injoy.

Team John:

Khalea Lynee vs. Zoe Upkins – The Boy is Mine (Brandy feat. Monica) [SAVED BY JOHN; Kelly and Gwen tried stealing]

A good, sassy battle. Both were good, but coaches were impressed that Zoe was able to keep up with Khalea.

Team Blake:

Ricky Duran vs. Marina Chello – Valerie (Mark Ronson/Amy Winehouse) [SAVED BY BLAKE; Kelly tried stealing]

Enjoyable battle, source said Ricky was better but Marina was great as well.

Team Kelly:

Shane Q vs. Melinda Rose – Too Good At Goodbyes (Sam Smith) [SAVED BY KELLY; John tried stealing]

Shane was "clearly outstanding," but he was nervous. They didn't know why Melinda was stolen or saved.

Team Gwen:

Royce Lovett vs. Kiara Brown – Turn Your Lights Down Low (Bob Marley) [STOLEN BY KELLY; Gwen tried saving]

They loved this battle! Gwen said she was "falling in love with Kiara as a human being."

Per source, "Gwen had admitted she had in mind saving someone else on her team and so Kiara was nice and said she can go head and save them instead."

Team John:
Katie Kadan vs. Destiny Rayne – Tiny Dancer (Elton John) [STOLEN BY GWEN; Blake also tried stealing]

Source described it best: "Amazing! Katie is a beast and tone is incredible! All judges were on their feet and the crowd went crazy for it! Destiny was at disadvantage but she stepped it up and proved she was able to keep up with Katie. A great way to end the taping."

Viewer reaction:

Shirley Boss I can't wait for Mon and Tuesday night my favorite show the Voice love all the coaches and excellent talent this season going to be a tough call!

Kris M Lombardo I love the show and can't wait to watch it on Monday and Tuesday I have been watching the voice with my children and they love the show too and we always pick the same people and it is awesome to watch with them

Marie Windham I have enjoyed this program from the very first showing. I am 70, fighting cancer, and still find joy from the gifted talent, humor, and of course the knowledgeable judges who make me laugh. 

Dedra Elam Abts I love The Voice and every season! It’s so nice to not have everyone hating on Blake and Gwen. I love
Shanda Griffis Joyce Did I miss an episode? According to the app all the coaches only have 11 people and on the last one I watched which was blind auditions part 6, no one yelled the usual "my team is full"

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